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AMA Payment Essentials

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Find answers to your most pressing questions on making the move from traditional fee-for-service care models to new payment and delivery models.

New payment models turn traditional fee-for-service care models inside out. Instead of strictly linking payment to the number and type of individual physician services provided, value-based care intends to link payments—at least in part—to the quality of patient care and health care resource utilization.

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Understanding Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

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Opioids: Share Your Story on how epidemic has impacted your practice

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Contracting With Peers, Plans, and Others

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Succeeding With Commercial Payers

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AMA Code of Medical Ethics

The AMA Code of Medical Ethics guides physicians to meet the ethical challenges of medical practice.
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The Principles of Medical Ethics and the Opinions of the AMA Council on Ethical & Judicial Affairs make up the AMA Code of Medical Ethics. View the Concordance to compare Opinions issued prior to June 2016 to the modernized Opinions adopted in 2016.

Access CME courses about medical ethics in the AMA Education Center to advance your knowledge about meeting ethical standards in your relationships with patients, other health professionals and in your practice.

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