It’s time to consider blockchain technology for EHRs

Electronic health records (EHR) have been used for several years. It is the form that physicians use to login sensitive information about their patient. Security and confidentiality of such delicate, valued protected health information (PHI) has historically been a concern, and rightfully so.

Over the course of a few years, hacking on broad scales have been common occurrence and PHI is considered a high priority target by such malicious actions.

An answer to this problem may depend on blockchain technology, which has been discussed in many recent articles. This type of technology is used for digitalized currency such as Bitcoin, and will also be used in a global identification system innovated by a company called id2020, who is partnered with the United Nations. As a brief description of the technology, it is a string of databases that is incorruptible and is continually redesigned, by which multiple users can add novel information at different locations in real time. If a group or individual were to try hacking an EHR system that is tethered to a blockchain system, then they would have to hack each separate database by chronology.

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