#Medicare4All won’t fix the problem

I already know I sound like a broken record. Yet, I can’t fathom why I seem to be the only person talking about this. There have been numerous articles in both syndicated journals and the blogosphere about the many things wrong with the American health care system, including the overspecialization which we know leads to higher costs (but not necessarily better outcomes). Just as I feared, the New York Times published this letter naively promoting Medicare for all. Now, progressives all over Twitter are hashtagging Medicare4All.

To quote a classic, “You’re killin’ me, Smalls!”

I’ll try to explain with non-medical and medical analogies. First, let’s use the construction of a house. If the foundation has an issue like a crack due to time or wear and tear that has made the foundation weak relative to the growth of the house and the environment, you wouldn’t just keep patching things around the house and assume it’s going to fix the problems for the long-haul. You may not have the money to rebuild the foundation, but you would know all the patches you are fixing are just temporizing measures because ultimately the foundation must be strong and appropriate to sustain the weight and mechanics of the house long-term. You also know in the back of your mind that if you are only doing temporizing measures, at some point the slightest stress could bring the entire house down.

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