Parents: Interact with your kids!

After years and years of practicing emergency medicine, I’ve seen and treated thousands of children for everything from beads in the nose to leukemia, ruptured spleens to sprained ankles.

A father of four myself, I take great delight in interacting with the kids that come through my workplace. I consider it a personal challenge to make them smile whenever possible and to put them at ease.

I’ve learned a few things over the years. For instance, when examining sick infants, it’s best to let mom or dad hold them as long as possible. Stethoscopes work just fine when mom is standing and rocking the baby back and forth. Likewise, when moving towards sick children, it is wise to move like an old, arthritic hound. Children are easily startled by the sudden movements of adults. Especially those carrying tongue depressors. It’s also helpful to speak softly, even in stressful situations.

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