The progressive argument for repealing Obamacare

President Trump campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare. Congress, when campaigning for reelection every two years, promised the same. Yet Congress can’t seem to get the job done. First, they needed the House, then the Senate, finally the White House. All delivered to GOP control by the voters. With the reasonable expectation of repeal and replace.

Yet nothing from Congress but a dial tone. The House passed an Obamacare-lite bill, tweaking some of the more onerous parts, but certainly not a repeal. Now repeal and replace wallows in the “greatest deliberative body in the world,” the U.S. Senate. One Republican Senator, Richard Burr, told the Wall Street Journal, “It’s unlikely that we will get a health care deal” this year. Deliberation but no action.

Just great. The party of stupid is living up to its name. My first response is to ask, “Why vote Republican?” My second thought is to suggest a new tactic. Why not make the progressive argument for repealing Obamacare? And no I don’t mean replacing it with Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for all.

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