We’re smart doctors. But why aren’t we so smart about our health?

As doctors, we are good at lots of things — we are smart, efficient, hard-working, proficient, role models and leaders. Then why do so many of us place our own health and well-being after our jobs?

As a physician, my most prevalent discussions with patients always boil down to very simple recommendations: eat right, exercise, sleep and manage your stress. Lifestyle changes are really the key to solving many of the medical problems in this country. But how many physicians do you know that actually follow this advice themselves? Most doctors I know devote the vast majority of their time to being doctors. Working 80+ hour weeks, working early and late hours, missing family events, sleeping little, skipping meals or eating fast food for time’s sake, fitting in a workout or two when and if they can.

When we were training in residency, do you remember thinking how hard you were working and how you couldn’t wait to finish and be an attending? Little did we know that when we finished our training, we would continue working harder and longer hours than we ever imagined.

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