When a doctor starts caring for people who aren’t their patients (including their kids)

Many people have skills they develop for work that they end up using outside of their job. Some of these skills may be mundane, some may be difficult to master and some may be only tangentially related to their job.

Mechanics are probably asked by family and friends to help all the time with cars making strange noises. Lawyers are asked by to help fix speeding tickets. Accountants are asked if the cost of hot water from a shower can be tax-deductible. Maybe you don’t realize it, but you probably have a skill you developed for work that you now apply in other situations, and maybe you do not always apply it willingly.

Physicians are no different, and may be the best example of this phenomenon. We are routinely asked by friends, family, neighbors and sometimes strangers, for medical advice. Often on topics we know little about.

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