Fourth Circuit Contradicts D.C. Circuit Concerning PPACA Subsidies

A three-judge panel from the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has unanimously held low- and middle-income Americans in all states can legally receive subsidies for health insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, even if the…

Shared medical appointments show promise in primary care

Thus far, much of the research surrounding shared medical appointments (SMAs) involved specialties dealing with chronic conditions such as diabetes. SMAs may have a promising place in primary care, particularly as part of the patient-centered medical h…

To buy or lease equipment? Depends on the hospital

To buy or lease? That’s often a fork in the road for consumers when it comes to purchasing a home or automobile, but the same applies to hospital management as well.

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Accelerating states’ efforts on Medicaid delivery system reform

By Cindy Mann, Deputy Administrator and Director, Center for Medicaid & CHIP Services and Patrick Conway, M.D., Deputy Administrator for Innovation and Quality and CMS Chief Medical Officer As part of its commitment in working with states to improve care and improve health for Medicaid beneficiaries, and through these improvements, reduce costs, the Centers for […]

Court: Physicians not liable for patients’ risky behavior

In malpractice cases, patients can be held at least partially responsible when their own risky behaviors contribute to bad outcomes, even if knowledge of those behaviors comes from a third party, according to a recent Colorado Supreme Court ruling…

Seeking Lower Prices Where Providers Are Consolidated: <br>An Examination of Market and Policy Strategies

Consolidation between and among hospitals and physicians can lead to improvements in efficiency and quality of care, but it also tends to raise prices for health care services. As part of their Commonwealth Fund–supported study, researchers outlined eight strategies to promote greater competition on price and quality.

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