Healthcare cost accounting: 8 strategies to streamline implementation and quickly achieve measurable results

For those organizations without a cost accounting system, and there are many, perhaps up to 50 percent, it’s time to make it a priority.

CMS report suggests a bright yet tough road for ACOs

Three additional ACOs left the Pioneer program this month, leaving just over half of the original 32 participants. read more

AMA Guide for Media Reporting on “Open Payments” Data Release

The AMA strongly encourages media to consider the following in their coverage to ensure data is indeed presented in an accurate and informative way to help patients understand and interpret the information correctly.
AMA Press Release

Are ACO operators eyeing Medicare Advantage instead?

The challenges of operating an ACO that cuts costs without losing money can be so daunting that some ACO operators may launch a Medicare Advantage health plan to replace it, according to Healthcare Finance more

Seeking Lower Prices Where Providers Are Consolidated: <br>An Examination of Market and Policy Strategies

Consolidation between and among hospitals and physicians can lead to improvements in efficiency and quality of care, but it also tends to raise prices for health care services. As part of their Commonwealth Fund–supported study, researchers outlined eight strategies to promote greater competition on price and quality.

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