Drug Coverage Denied By Medicare? How Seniors Can Fight Back

Senior citizens have to be patient and keep close records to appeal when Medicare plans refuse to cover their medicines.

San Francisco Seeks To Ban Sale Of Menthol Cigarettes, Flavored Tobacco Products

A proposed ordinance would block access to menthol cigarettes, as well as e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco with flavors such as chocolate, cherry or popcorn. Studies show such products are overwhelmingly favored by teenagers and some minorities.

A New Worry For Smokers’ Families: ‘Thirdhand Smoke’

The chemical residue from cigarette smoke that can cling to walls, clothes and skin may present a danger to children.

Life expectancy has lengthened, but not equitably


Part of a series. For most of recorded human history, lifespans did not change. Life expectancy doubled in the twentieth century. At the time of Lincoln the average life span was 38 years; today it is about 78 to 80 years. But whenever it ends it is like a waterfall. Most people begin to die […]

Low-Income AIDS Patients Fear Coverage Gains May Slip Away

The federal health law made it feasible for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program to expand its efforts and help patients buy marketplace insurance plans to cover drugs and other health care.

On aging: Deny, accept, or rejoice?

Part of a series. Those of you who have read some of my past posts are aware that I wrote mostly about various aspects of primary care and our dysfunctional healthcare delivery system overall. About 18 months ago I wrote a post for KevinMD on moving to a retirement community. More recently I became focused […]

State Fires Contractor After Problems Put California HIV Patients At Risk

The company tasked with enrolling eligible patients in an HIV assistance program failed to keep an online enrollment portal working effectively and violated other contract terms, the public health agency said.

Crucial California HIV Program In Disarray After Contract Switch

Patients who depend on the state-run AIDS Drug Assistance Program are having trouble getting medical appointments and life-saving medications.

Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: Health Care Priorities for 2017

The most recent Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds that health care is among the top issues, with the economy and jobs and immigration, Americans want President-elect Donald Trump and the next Congress to address in 2017. As Congressional lawmakers make…

Poll: Public Divided on Repealing Obamacare, But Few Want It Repealed Without Replacement Details

As Congress begins to work on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, the latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds that one in five Americans (20%) support repeal alone, while three quarters either oppose repeal altogether (47%) or want to wait to repeal the law until the replacement plan’s details are known (28%). Overall, theMore

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