Physicians ceded control of health care. It’s time to take it back.

In the not-to-distant past, American health care was the gold standard. It offered job satisfaction and autonomy, was financially rewarding and was considered by many to be the most honorable profession. But as we all know, over the last two decades, increasing health care costs and demands and increasing competition for insurance contracts have changed […]

This physician delayed residency to take paternity leave

“Daddy, time to wake up! It is morning time!” I open my eyes to our four-year-old daughter at the foot of the bed smiling, her hair meticulously braided. I get up and wake her younger brother from his crib and carry him downstairs. The baby is still sleeping. Soon come shouts of “coffee!” as we […]

My kids are vaccinated because I love them

Most of you know me — if you know me at all — as a pediatrician. But I’m a parent, too, just like you. I have three fantastic girls that I love dearly. Let’s talk. My first daughter was born before I knew anything about medicine. She has taught me more than I could have […]

The fundamental cause of surprise medical bills and how to fix it

It’s no secret that health care is an unbelievably complex subject. One of the most complex issues facing the health care system is that of surprise medical bills. Surprise medical bills happen when: Patients receive emergency care by an out-of-network provider (one not included in their insurance plan); Patients are unaware that one or more […]

Heroin is a public health emergency. The time to act is now.

Recently, another local family buried their young adult child due to a drug overdose.  Sadly, this same story is playing out daily across the nation. Upon reading the headline, I paused to think about an encounter leaving work one Friday evening. As I was walking in the dimly lit street to my car, I found a […]

What life is like for this retired physician


I have now been out of the active medicine for two years. I still have dreams about being a doctor and practice. I don’t think you can do the same thing day in and day out for 40 years and not have it be a part of who you are. I am still asked my […]

Prescribing opioids safely: How to have difficult patient conversations

Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., and opioids account for over 60 percent of those deaths. While opioids are effective pain medications when used in the proper setting, concerns arise when the patient’s condition lasts longer than three months, and prescribing more medication does not necessarily result in better […]

United Airlines should do more than apologize profusely #BoycottUnited

Watching events unfold at United Airlines over the last few days have filled me with shock, awe, and horror.  As a result of this public relations disaster, their motto “flying the friendly skies” has turned into “not enough seating, prepare for a beating.” America stands as a beacon of freedom from oppression.  United Airlines was […]

Physicians can choose to nurture their human side

A keynote address to Gold Humanism Honor Society Induction Ceremony, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA. As an intern, I was assigned to 9 weeks over the year on the bone marrow transplant inpatient unit.  It was medically fascinating but emotionally draining and anxiety provoking.  I began to get nauseated going to […]

I failed my patient, and it’s a burden I’ll carry with me

This happened in my first couple years of practice, but I will never forget her. I stood at the doorway of the funeral home, a 26-year-old mother lying in the open casket was off to the side. Standing out among the crowd of mourners was a tall man holding his one-year-old daughter, her curly locks […]

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