Want to fight burnout? Embrace the suck.

I was approaching 24 hours in the hospital and waiting for my partner to come into my operating room so we could do “hand-off.” That’s when I spend 15 minutes going over all of the events of the surgical case and explain my patient’s health history, his current status, my current treatment strategies, the heart […]

Are hospitals a dangerous place to have a baby?

There has been a lot of talk lately about maternal mortality. A recent story published in ProPublica and NPR has been circulating social media, highlighting the problems with our labor and delivery system. The story is heartbreaking, describing a preventable postpartum death in a young, healthy mother. While the article makes many good points, I […]

I just lost my son to suicide. What can I do?

Dear Dr. Wible, I lost my beautiful son Evan to suicide four weeks ago. He was a second year internal medicine resident — a very smart, loving and funny man! He left a lengthy letter and in it he stated, “I do not want any attention drawn to this.” I have been crying all day […]

Is direct primary care doomed to fail?

A recent Medical Economics article asked “Is the DPC model at risk of failing?” The piece focuses on two large DPC-like organizations, Qliance Medical Management of Seattle, Washington and Turntable Health of Las Vegas, NV, working in partnership with Iora Health, which recently closed their doors. Qliance and Turntable were not actually DPC practices by […]

A letter from a physician to his father

I want to sincerely thank you from the depths of my heart. I don’t show it, and I certainly don’t say it, but you have always been my role model. You positively shape who I am as a man, and your staunch encouragement is invaluable to me. In a world of words, texts and tweets, […]

Being a doctor makes me a better father. Being a father makes me a better doctor.

I take my 10-year-old son to school as many school days as possible. We recap events from the prior day, and I give him early morning pep talks. It is a rarity, however, that I pick him up from school. During one of those rare occasions, he got into the car, smiling as he handed […]

3 points on dialysis John Oliver forgot to make

Dear John Oliver, First of all, thank you for your recent segment on dialysis. Kidney disease deserves much more attention and discussion than it currently receives. Thank you also for your full-throated support of transplantation and the need for more kidney donors. As a practicing nephrologist, there is nothing better than hearing that one of […]

Stop asking doctors for free advice

My husband is a doctor. Similar to any other career, this is what he spends most of his time doing. It’s also our family’s livelihood — how we pay our mortgage, our bills and send our daughter to preschool. He went to through seven years of training after college, often working all night or even […]

There’s something wrong with emergency care. Here’s what it is.

I am an emergency physician, forever grateful of the responsibilities entrusted by my patients. This is a relationship I hold dear. As such, I’m an active participant in the war of life and death for our patients. I’m in the trenches with the best nurses, techs and EMS personnel holding the line as the battle […]

This story of 5 doctors is being seen around the country

Many years ago, three doctors formed an internal medicine practice and were proud of the thousands of patients they accumulated. They were fine physicians and very dedicated to the masses who walked through their clinic doors.  They saw patients in the office, rounded at two hospitals, and visited a number of nursing homes.  This was […]

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