Popular Guarantee For Young Adults’ Coverage May Be Health Law’s Achilles’ Heel

Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on much these days, but both parties want to keep the health law’s provision to allow adults to stay on their parents’ plan until age 26. But that could be hurting the marketplace’s insurance pools.

Trump’s Promise To Rein In Drug Prices Could Open Dam To Importation Laws

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ bill to allow Americans to buy cheaper medicines from Canada would bypass a requirement that blocked past legislative efforts over two decades.

Report: Fired U.S. Attorney Was Probing Tom Price’s Stock Trades

The HHS Secretary bought stock in companies that stood to benefit from legislation he voted for and sponsored as a Georgia congressman.

New Rules Try To Shore Up Individual Health Insurance Market In 2018

The Trump administration’s first health regulation would shorten the enrollment periods and make it harder for patients to get coverage outside of that annual signup period.

Influence of GOP Doctors Caucus Grows as Congress Looks to Replace Health Law

As conservative physicians rise to more powerful positions in government, some question whether they speak for the nation’s doctors.

El secretario de Salud Tom Price podría cambiar rápido 5 temas clave de salud

La planificación familiar, Planned Parenthood y hasta el consumo de tabaco podrían verse rápidamente afectados por medidas que podría tomar el flamante secretario de Salud.

HHS Pick Price Made ‘Brazen’ Stock Trades While His Committee Was Under Scrutiny

With federal investigators bearing down on his Committee, Price showed little restraint in investing in health companies.

California Fines Kaiser Permanente $2.5 Million Over Missing Medicaid Data

The HMO blew two deadlines to supply information required by the state to monitor Medi-Cal managed care plans. Kaiser says it is “taking steps” to resolve the problem.

For Conservatives, A New Day In Health Care

We talk with a leading expert about Republican ideas for reform. Lanhee Chen of the Hoover Institution says it’s a mistake to think conservatives have too few ideas — rather they have too many.

Trump’s HHS Choice: First A Letter To Medicare. Then A Campaign Contribution

Rep. Tom Price, up for running HHS under President Trump, helped a company that became a top campaign donor, records show.

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