Personal intimacy as an overlooked antidepressant

Depression is commonly linked to career disappointments, financial setbacks, and disruption of normal routines — especially sleep pattern — as well as social pressures and conflict in personal relationships. It is this last factor that has captured my attention in relation to depression. Personal relationships, in particular, the most personal, love partnerships, have a profound […]

Battling Anxiety, Depression, And Tech Addiction In The Workplace

Mental illness is now the biggest cause of disability worldwide, according to findings from the World Health Organization. Here’s what companies can do to help.

Cancer Of The Voice Box Declining Worldwide, But Not In Developing Countries

Cancer of the voice box is declining globally, but not in countries with low socioeconomic status. Lack of decline in the prevalence of cigarette smoking may contribute to continued prevalence of this cancer.

Open your heart to your suffering

An excerpt from How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers (Second Edition). Copyright 2018 by Toni Bernhard. Excerpted with permission from Wisdom Publications.  The fifth way I cultivate compassion for myself is to consciously work on opening my heart to the intense emotions — and emotional swings — that […]

Technologists drive quality in medical imaging

As a radiologist, I interpret thousands of imaging studies every year. Of the millions of medical images that have crossed my screen, they all have one thing in common. They were all acquired by a technologist in the radiology department. Imaging technologists perform a vital role in medicine. All have specialized training that is unique […]

I Do Not Wear A Bicycle Helmet

Why do cyclists have to wear helmets when motorists do not? It’s healthier to cycle without a helmet than not to ever cycle at all.

The Cure to Aging Could Be Hiding in Plain Sight

From supplements to cosmetics, Americans spend billions searching for an elusive fountain of youth. The more we learn about the molecular functioning of our body, the more we realize the cure to aging may be hiding in plain sight.

Medicare Advantage’s Latest Benefit Helps Grandma Kick The Habit

Nearly half of Medicare Advantage plans are offering new supplement benefits for 2019 that range from nicotine replacement therapy to in-home support from a caregiver or social worker, Avalere Health says in a new report.

What Amazon Did This Week

Your weekly Planet Amazon round-up is here…this week was all about Sears, defence contracts, a new Kindle, fake reviews and… Shark Tank??! Grab a coffee…it was a bumpy week for Amazon.

Teleneurology works. Here’s why.

Teleneurology is the new and vastly expanding practice of neurology involving the use of technology and/or video chat to improve access to services. With an ever-increasing aging population there is and will continue to be a shortage of neurologists in the United States. Teleneurology has increased patient access to neurologists especially in rural areas but […]

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