How the Google algorithm update helps doctor-written content rank higher

If you’re not intricately involved daily with SEO, let me explain what happened in May 2020 and why it will be a huge boost for content created by physicians. First, what is SEO? In short, it is the process of optimizing content found online in o…

California Expands Privacy Protection to Public Health Workers Amid Threats

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom expanded a confidential address program to public health officials in the wake of ongoing threats made against them tied to pandemic safety precautions such as masks and stay-at-home orders.

Uncertainty over Medicare loans leaves hospitals in limbo

Read the full post on Becker's Hospital Review – Healthcare News

Healthcare billing fraud: 9 latest lawsuits, settlements

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The downsides of going to the ER for primary care

Despite the fact that many people have difficulty finding a family physician, there remain many options for medical care. From emergency departments to urgent care clinics to clinics based in retail stores and pharmacies, there are several different wa…

These Secret Safety Panels Will Pick the COVID Vaccine Winners

Data and safety monitoring boards work under a cloak of secrecy meant to prevent undue influence by stakeholders, such as companies or the government. In the Trump era, some worry the anonymity could actually invite it.

As Fires and Floods Wreak Havoc on Health, New Climate Center Seeks Solutions

The climate change center at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health plans to study and help implement policies for slowing climate change and adapting to it.

A Fair to Remember: County Fairs Weigh Risk of Outbreak Against Financial Ruin

The threat of COVID-19 forced many county fairs to cancel this year. But some rural communities that depend on the annual economic and cultural boost decided to go ahead despite a pattern of outbreaks.

Trump Administration Plans Crackdown On Hospitals Failing To Report COVID-19 Data

Draft documents obtained by NPR show that the federal government is preparing to enforce new data reporting requirements, threatening to withhold vital Medicare funding from non-compliant hospitals.

Man Dies From Eating Too Much Black Licorice, What Is Glycyrrhizic Acid?

Black liquorice has glycyrrhizin in it. And that’s what probably led to a 54-year-old having a cardiac arrest.

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