How to close the leadership challenge and end this COVID chapter

The reason that the United States hasn’t been able to reach higher vaccination rates is because of leadership failures. It’s really hard for leaders to lead transformational change during stable times. It’s infinitely harder to lead i…

Pandemic creates a cycle of decline of physical activity and mental health, study suggests

Calling it a broad-scale problem, researchers say changes are needed to make activity — and open spaces — more accessible to all.

It’s National Recovery Awareness Month. Meet Two Advocates Who Are Fighting Against Addiction Year-Round.

The problem of addiction has overwhelmed America’s hospitals and crisis centers. It should then come as no surprise that addiction can be an overwhelming topic to discuss, much less to try to solve. Fortunately, recovery can help us collectively imagin…

Our health care system may be failing, but it isn’t broken [PODCAST]

“The problem with health care isn’t ‘fixing’ the system. The problem is continuing to ensure that profits can be made and millions can be employed while better health care outcomes and experiences are achieved. We won’t find the solut…

Covid Test Maker Cue Health Goes Public At $2.3 Billion Valuation As Demand Surges

Cue’s portable, rapid tests that upload results to a smartphone in around 20 minutes are used by the Department of Defense and the Mayo Clinic.

Covid-19 Continues To Propagate Dire Shortages Across Multiple Industries

While significant problems existed prior to Covid-19, the pandemic has helped propagate many issues.

Your coronavirus questions, answered: Could you still test positive for covid-19 months after the infection?

Yes, some people could continue to test positive for that long, but this does not mean they are still contagious to others.

Apple’s Latest iOS Has A New Feature To Help Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Multiple large EHR systems are already working to integrate this feature into their platforms.

Covid-19 Vaccines In Salad Dressing? Here’s What Michael Flynn Claimed

Lettuce be clear about what Michael Flynn said on a video that’s been making the rounds on social media.

You can’t fix what is already broken

It’s one of the last weeks in December. If it was any other year, I would have realized that Christmas is around the corner, the air would be filled with a different, radiant, joyful kind of energy, and most of us would be focused on all the less…

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