A surgical resident is held back a year. Finding out who’s right will be difficult.

A surgical resident is suing St. Louis University, its surgical residency program director, and its trauma service chief for what she claims is an unjustified decision requiring her to repeat her fourth year of training. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch article about this has a link to a 42-page PDF describing the details of the suit. Because I […]

Study: Men With This Face Are More Likely To Cheat

A study from Canada also suggests that people with wider faces may have higher sex drives.

We have the same end-goals, but disagree on how to reach them

Early yesterday morning, a 16-year-old child went missing. Early yesterday morning, a woman, in desperate anguish, put out a Facebook post with pictures of her child and asked for help. By late this morning, through the power of social media, the child was found safe. Two days ago, a Big Ten university football team played […]

For ‘micro-preemie’ quadruplets, reaching kindergarten is a major achievement

Born at only 25 weeks, they overcome holes in their hearts, feeding problems, surgeries.

Want to stay strong as you age? Find a purpose.

Staying engaged seems to help people physically and mentally.

How Graham-Cassidy’s Medicaid Block Grants Don’t Plan For Hurricanes

The Graham-Cassidy Senate proposal to give each state a fixed block grant of federal money to pay for Medicaid coverage doesn’t account for “increased financial stress” from economic downturns and natural disasters like hurricanes, Medicaid Health Plans of America said.

Sleep Deprivation May Treat Depression. But Would It Ever Be Prescribed?

A number of studies have found that sleep deprivation may treat depression. But what to do with this information is unclear.

The Future Of Graham-Cassidy In Doubt

Sen. John McCain announced on Friday that he could not “in good conscience” vote for the latest Republican health care bill. Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Noam Levey of the Los Angeles Times.

Are You Ready To Have Your Brain Connected To the Internet?

It may not be long before the Internet of Things includes on and off-ramps to the human brain.

Health care reform: America really is different from most other countries

The debate about the future of health care rages stronger than ever. As someone who grew up and trained in a country with probably the most centrally controlled medical system in the world—the United Kingdom with her NHS—my views have admittedly done a 180 over the last decade. I am no longer as strong a […]

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