The disabled and the elderly are facing a big problem: Not enough aides

Low wages and high demand mean home and nursing assistants are in short supply.

My friend was dying. As his doctor, I had to tell him the truth.

A real relationship makes a difference as the end nears.

A cancer scare changed my life in 7 seconds

So there I was — in deep denial. Maybe you’ve been there: Ignoring the symptoms. Hoping and praying that it would just “go away.” A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And as a doctor, I like to think I can Google with the best of them. So when I had a persistent scary symptom […]

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Didn’t Get Enough Time To Do What He Wanted

What will the former Surgeon General’s legacy be?

Providers and patients must listen to the evidence

There is an interesting article from ProPublica called “When Evidence Says No, but Doctors say Yes” making the rounds. It’s about the number of doctors who disbelieve, don’t know or don’t care about medical evidence to the detriment of patients. I do not find any fault with the article. I rail against this daily. I […]

Here’s Why You Should Pay More Attention To The Japan Prize

A major difference between Japan and the U.S. doesn’t bode well for the U.S.

Russia-U.S. Trade Up 25% In 2017 As Trump Offers Thumb’s Down On Exxon Mobil Waiver

The President’s decision was not surprising, given FBI and congressional investigations, the controversial Administration and campaign contacts, the fact that his Secretary of State is the former CEO of the oil company.

Don’t let kids use tanning beds

4.9 million — yes, million — people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year in the United States. It costs an estimated $8.1 billion —with a “B — to treat those skin cancers, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Do I have your attention? I hope so. The problem is we don’t have […]

United And Now American Airlines Incidents Show It’s Time To Improve Flying Conditions

Another incident on a plane: angry confrontation on American Airlines flight.

Surgeon general is removed by Trump administration, replaced by deputy for now

Vivek H. Murthy was a holdover from the Obama administration. Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams will fill in until a permanent replacement is chosen.

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