‘Psych wards’ aren’t what you think. I’ve seen lives saved there.

Yes, patients may scream and throw chairs, but more common are moments of inspiration.

Lice On The Plane: Grounds For Grounding Passengers? It Happened To One Family On Delta

Delta last weekend kicked a family of five off of a flight because flight attendants “diagnosed” the middle child with the itchy scalp as having head lice. But a top lice expert says Delta greatly overreacted. Head lice infestation isn’t a disease, and…

Don’t call me “Mrs.” Call me “Doctor.”

My smile freezes on my face as my patient says to me, “I’m so glad you’re back – that I get to see Mrs. Lycette today!” He has been my patient for several years, and I am perplexed to hear him address me as “Mrs.” rather than “Doctor.” At the same time, I really do […]

How To Avoid Throttling Your Startup’s Growth And The Burnout That Comes Next

New businesses that tap into large and severely under-met needs are destined to grow rapidly. But if the founders starve the company of capital, their conservativism eventually will kill growth. Even more important, it will burn out the founders. It is…

He was fine when I discharged him, now he might die

It’s 1 a.m., and I’m afraid this guy is going to die. He’s gasping for air, hunched over a table as I poke his chubby back and try to find a rib. Oxygen is flowing through nasal prongs at six liters per minute, and it’s barely making a difference as his oxygen saturation hovers around […]

Parliamentarian’s rulings jeopardize Senate GOP repeal bill

Senate Republicans suffered a big setback in passing their bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act when the Senate parliamentarian issued rulings Friday that make it more difficult to pass key provisions on a party-line majority vote.

Raymond Sackler, one of the brothers who introduced OxyContin, dies at the age of 97

Raymond Sackler, the only living brother out of the three who introduced the controversial painkiller OxyContin in the mid 90s has died. The Sackler family was the 19th wealthiest family in the country last year according to FORBES, worth roughly $13 b…

The New World Of Healthcare Marketing: Lessons From Across The World

Steven Weultjes, founder of Cura Digital Agency, provides global perspective on how healthcare is changing. Steven gives his insight into the key drivers of the shift in consumer-driven healthcare and the implications of this shift for marketers at an …

The problem of generic regurgitation

I spent 20 minutes listening to Michelle and asking her questions to understand why she was not taking her insulin as recommended. The appointment was for 15 minutes, 5 of which were used by the medical assistant who had to check the vitals and “do an A1c.” I did not ask Michelle whether her feet […]

Senator McCain: Way Too Soon To Ask Him To Step Down

Here’s Republican candidate Kelli Ward said about McCain and “stepping away as quickly as possible” after his cancer diagnosis.

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