It’s OK to care more about things outside of medicine

It seems like natural human tendency to explain ourselves.  When we are late to a meeting, we come up with an excuse in case anyone asks.  When our kid starts throwing a temper tantrum at the store, people stare at us expecting an apology.  In the same…

Healthcare business and financial analytics market to hit $50B by 2024

Contributing factors include mandates to curb costs, increasing regulatory requirements and growing EHR adoption.

A Story About How A Successful Outcome Doesn’t Guarantee A Positive Patient Experience

The following is a story of a friend and a recent visit to a local hospital. Her story shows us that we remember whole experiences not just outcomes and that when we are in a vulnerable state we pay much more attention to how we are treated than anythi…

Kate Merton on Business Values, Intellectual Humility, and Mentorship

Kate Merton, head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS New York, Boston and Philadelphia, discusses how big companies can stay true to their values, figure out their blind spots, and create cultures of generosity.

5 powerful tips for women in medicine

As a woman in medicine, where the odds for pay, promotion, and leadership are stacked against me, I feel obligated to light the path for younger women who come behind me.  It has taken me a while to be comfortable with my style of leadership, own my ow…

Scientists Discover A New Potential Way To Stop Breast Cancer Spreading

Researchers have discovered a new way by which breast cancer cells hide from therapy in distant parts of the body, which may lead to new ways to treat them.

Should You Bet On Transdermal Drug Delivery?

Delivering drugs through a patch sounds good. But can you make money investing in it? Not likely. But a Quebec company is working with Tilray to get you a Cannabis high via oral film.

Enjoy That Morning Brew: It Might Be Going Extinct

Did you know there are 124 species of coffee? A new study reveals that 60% of the coffee species around the world are in danger of going extinct. The world’s favorite bean, arabica, is one of them.

How should salespeople sell to doctors?

Two device salesmen recently came unannounced to our small private gastroenterology practice. They were hawking a product that could quickly and non-invasively determine how much scar tissue had formed in a patient’s liver, a useful tool for assessing …

How (And Why) To Maintain Your Health And Wellbeing As A Founder

Research suggests as many as eight percent of startups began to fail because their founders burn out. So what hacks do different founders resort to in order to keep them on top of their game?

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