Telemedicine exhaustion is real

I’m angry. The sound cut out again, for the fifth time in the last hour. “Why can’t I get through one telemedicine visit without some technical problem?” I ask myself. I can feel the chest discomfort, my shoulders tense, I start…

Salt In My Soul: Poignant Film Calls Attention To The Need For Phages For Antibiotic Resistance

Phage therapy could save many lives. Hopefully, sharing Mallory Smith’s story will boost research into cystic fibrosis, growing antibiotic resistance, and the promise of phages.

Is home hospital care the way forward?

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort,” says James Austen. So, instead of traveling and waiting for hours by standing in a queue, what if health care is provided to you at home? That’s why home hospital care (HHC) is…

A newborn lost large parts of his brain. Today, he’s an athletic college grad.

“Normally, when a child is missing that much brain, it’s bad,” says the doctor who diagnosed him as having suffered a perinatal stroke. But his brain was able to remap itself.

Writing about America’s health-care labyrinth didn’t shield me from its absurdity

A reporter wrote for years about those left behind by the complex and expensive U.S. health-care system. Then he tried filling an insulin prescription in between jobs.

Hospice can help alleviate anxiety, uncertainty around end-of-life care

Confusion and misconceptions about hospice can keep a family from seeking the service for a loved one.

How I found joy in life during difficult times

During a season of grief, I learned that experiencing joy is not an either/or scenario.

Different masks for different workouts as exercise evolves with covid-19

“We may start to see custom-designed masks and new materials that are more tuned to the requirements of exercising,” one academic says.

The new rules of time management

Pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist, woman, mother, wife, friend, mentor. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t trying to “work smarter, not harder” to get it all done and feel good about myself, only to begin climbing the mounta…

Vori Health Transforms Back And Joint Pain Treatment

Vori Health transforms back pain treatment by doing less surgery.

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