International Patient Safety Day.

September 17, 2018; Coalition for Patient Safety, German Federal Ministry of Health, Berlin, DE.

Healthcare Design Expo & Conference.

Center for Health Design. November 10–13, 2018; Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ.

Connecting perspectives on quality and safety: patient-level linkage of incident, adverse event and complaint data.

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Perspectives on patient and family engagement with reduction in harm: the forgotten voice.

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Design for patient safety: a systems-based risk identification framework.

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Frequency, comprehension and attitudes of physicians towards abbreviations in the medical record.

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I-PASS handoff program: use of a campaign to effect transformational change.

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Peer support in anesthesia: turning war stories into wellness.

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Incident learning in radiation oncology: a review.

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Evaluation of a patient safety programme on Surgical Safety Checklist compliance: a prospective longitudinal study.

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