Better Maternal Outcomes Quality Improvement Workbooks

​Developed as part of the Better Maternal Outcomes Rapid Improvement Network, the workbooks contain descriptions, examples, and templates for tools that teams can use to guide their quality improvement (QI) work focused on improving maternal health out…

Medicare Health Quality Measures Get Closer Look in Pandemic

This article focuses on changes in health quality measures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and explores whether they should be made permanent. IHI’s President and CEO Kedar Mate discusses the importance of evaluating quality measures through an equ…

Working with Community Partners to Improve Health

This article distills five critical takeaways to guide health care leaders in working with community partners to improve health.

Health Equity Top Priority for Leader of Institute for Healthcare Improvement

This is in an in-depth interview with President and CEO Kedar Mate covering a range of topics, including his career trajectory, his passion for IHI’s work, and his commitment to health equity.

Understanding the Needs of Your Parents as They Age

This article discusses how to care for your parents as they age and includes tips and resources from IHI’s The Conversation Project. ​

Aiming Beyond Equality to Reach Equity: The Promise and Challenge of Quality Improvement

To support achieving the quality needed for effective universal health coverage, the authors argue that quality improvement must focus on equity in addition to measuring average quality and change.

Study Identifies Racial Differences in Patient Safety in Hospitals

This article reports on an Urban Institute Study about patient safety disparieties based on race and includes quotes from IHI Senior Director Shannon Welch.

Black Maternal Health: Reducing Inequities Through Community Collaboration

This report describes the experience of the community of Detroit, Michigan, a participant in the Better Maternal Outcomes: Redesigning Systems with Black Women project, to improve outcomes and reduce racial inequities in maternal outcomes for Black…

Supporting the At-Home Care Team

This article discusses how at-home caregivers can find support and tools for caring for older adults, including IHI’s 4Ms framework.

Covid’s Lingering Effects Can Put the Brakes on Elective Surgeries

This article includes quotes from IHI Senior Fellow and Chief Scientific Officer Emeritus Don Goldmann about ​elective surgery for people who have suffered from COVID-19.

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