Creating Value-Based Care Regardless of Payment Model

Virginia Mason Health System has been a standard-bearer for reducing waste and creating a value-based healthcare experience no matter the payment model. Leading that drive since 2000 has been Dr. Gary Kaplan, chairman and CEO of the Seattle-based system.

Getting More Health from Healthcare: Quality Improvement Must Acknowledge Patient Coproduction

Modelling healthcare as either a product or a service neglects essential aspects of coproduction between doctors and patients. In this essay, Paul Batalden shares his learning from 10 years of studying change.

On the Ground with Age-Friendly Health Systems

Age-friendly health systems have the potential to improve care, reduce length of stay, empower staff and improve the bottom line. While change can be challenging, clinicians and staff in the participating health systems have embraced the process.

Scotland’s National Clinical Director Jason Leitch on Changing Culture in Healthcare

Scotland’s national clinical director explains how the tools of change can be applied in different areas.

How One Organization Created a Movement that Transformed Healthcare

Before you can change actions, you must first transform values and beliefs

WIHI: The How and Why of Deprescribing

September 13, 2018 | The ground is shifting for prescription medication. There’s much talk and publicity about deprescribing, the process that entails taking patients off some of their medications or tapering down the dosages.

Innovative Health Care Safety Initiatives Earn Awards

IHI/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute Medtronic Awards

Humanized Delivery: Why More and More Women Choose to Give Birth in an Intense, Intimate, and Unhurried Manner

In the era that marks the epidemic of cesareans, more and more women have been swimming against the tide, seeking to live every moment of the flood of sensations that is bringing a child to the world.

Crossing the Global Health Care Quality Chasm

Despite years of investment and research, the quality of health care in every country is much worse than it should be. (JAMA article, Berwick et al.)

Hey, Big Spender! Why Does Your Quality Lag So Far Behind Other Countries?

Managed Care magazine article: The United States spends more—close to double—on health care per capita than other rich countries.

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