COVID-19 Pandemic Far from Over; US Health Care Providers Prioritize Improvement of Older Adult Care

Rising rates of COVID-19 infections, deaths, and a sluggish vaccine rollout are combining to increase the urgency for health systems to prioritize care for older adults. Today the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) released a new piece of data …

With Latinos Dying at Higher Rates from COVID, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Intervenes

This segment describes how Boston’s Brighan and Women’s Hospital is looking at data to identify inequities in care, including during the COVID pandemic. Brigham’s work on health disparities comes, in part, out of a collaboration with the Institute for …

Incorporating Health Equity into an Initiative to Transform Care for Older Adults

This piece takes a closer look at efforts to address equity in health care, including the Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative, led by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, that is incorporating equity into outcome measures to deliver equitable c…

This Is Why Nursing Homes Failed So Badly

This Opinion piece takes a look at the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on nursing homes across the US and includes comments by IHI’s Alice Bonner, a key advisor on the care of older adults for the Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative.

Should I Have Elective Surgery in the Pandemic?

This New York Times article looks at elective surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic, referencing a recent Harvard Business Review article ("How to Safely Restart Elective Surgeries After a COVID Spike") co-authored by IHI CEO Dr. Kedar Mate, w…

COVID-19 Sped Up the Transition to Digital Medicine: The Health Industry Says There’s No Turning Back

In this article that looks ahead to the health care industry in 2021, IHI CEO Dr. Kedar Mate offers comments on telehealth and digital health expansion.

Building Health-Creating Systems

In this article, IHI CEO Kedar Mate describes five key features of health-creating systems. He also suggests that health care leaders can use quality as the compass for building such systems.

Statement from IHI: IHI Speaks Out on Domestic Terrorism

Statement from IHI and CEO Kedar Mate about events that took place on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC.

IHI Forum 2020: Three Big Ideas

This year’s Institute for Healthcare Improvement Forum covered a range of topics, including quality improvement, health equity, population heath, patient safety, joy in work, and telemedicine. Here are some key takeaways and three big ideas.

IHI CEO Emphasizes Need for “Curb Cut Solutions” to Patient Safety Issues

In his keynote address at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Forum, IHI CEO Kedar Mate, MD, urged attendees to look for patient safety solutions that not only help marginalized populations but benefit the public at large.

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