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Paucity of drug price regulation an opportunity for insurers’ pharmacy benefit managers

Though the government has been slow to regulate drug prices, analysts say there’s a silver lining for insurers such as UnitedHealth that have in-house pharmacy benefit managers, according to an article from The Street.

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UnitedHealth to compete in just three ACA exchanges in 2017

UnitedHealthcare, in an effort to cut its losses in the individual market, will only compete in three states’ Affordable Care Act marketplaces in 2017: New York, Nevada and Virginia, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.


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UnitedHealth to exit California’s Affordable Care Act marketplace

​California insurance officials have confirmed that UnitedHealth will not participate in the state’s Affordable Care Act health insurance exchange in 2017, according to CaliforniaHealthline.


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Health Affairs editor: No obvious solution to limited competition in ACA marketplaces

Even if Congress wanted to take steps to boost competition in the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, there’s not clear-cut way to solve to the issue, says Alan Weil, editor-in-chief of the journal Health Affairs.

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Startup Bright Health steps into gap left by United, Humana exchange exits

The departures of Humana and UnitedHealth from Colorado’s Affordable Care Act exchange has created an opportunity for startup insurer Bright Health to test an integrated business model, according to Bloomberg.


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How United grew into a healthcare industry behemoth

Several strategic business decisions, including a restructuring that capitalized on a growing healthcare market, transformed UnitedHealth Group from a small healthcare IT company to the largest insurer in the country with nearly $160 billion in revenue…

UnitedHealth has exited 27 ACA marketplaces so far

UnitedHealth Group will not participate in New Jersey’s Affordable Care Act health insurance exchange in 2017, bringing to 27 the number of state marketplaces the large insurer has departed, according to Bloomberg.


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UnitedHealth latest insurer to display doc satisfaction ratings on website

UnitedHealth, the nation’s largest for-profit payer, is now among a growing number of insurers that diplay physicians’ patient satisfaction scores on their websites, according to an article from Medscape.

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Separating the Affordable Care Act exchange hype from reality

Combine a drama-hungry news cycle with what one recent study termed a “toxic political atmosphere” surrounding the healthcare reform law, and you get headlines predicting certain doom every time there’s even a hint of trouble on the ACA’s public exchanges. Thus, this special report takes a look at some of the main “risk factors” influencing the exchanges in order to parse out what’s actually worth worrying about.


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Tenet execs say other insurers will fill in for United on ACA exchanges

Executives from major for-profit hospital chain Tenet Healthcare Corp. said this week that they aren’t worried about UnitedHealth’s decision to exit most Affordable Care Act exchanges in 2017, Reuters reports

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