It’s time to upgrade the outdated intake forms at health care clinics

The process of setting up a new pain management clinic has allowed me to critically consider the role of patient intake forms, an area that has traditionally been ignored by technological advances and institutional innovation. Health care must empower patients to conveniently complete intake forms digitally — whether at home, en-route to our clinics, or […]

Inner-city teens still have a dream

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I see their eyes light up as they smile, and get prepared to answer this very important question. For some of them, it is the only smile I have seen during the entire visit. And for me that makes the entire visit worth it. I […]

Domestic abuse can affect anyone, even physicians

A good friend of mine, B., once told me a few years ago that before her divorce, her husband was verbally and occasionally even physically abusive toward her. Somewhat shocked by this news, I expressed how glad I was that she had gotten out of that situation. I did not think that B. would be […]

Patients need an advocate at the bedside

Being a hospitalized patient is perhaps one of the most disempowering experiences an individual can face (besides being in war, or a prisoner). Patients face constant uncertainty; having no idea what time their physician will visit, when they will be taken for their tests, or who will suddenly interrupt them again with a demand – […]

We need more unstructured time for doctors

Time is our most valuable resource. It’s nonrenewable — once spent, you can’t get it back. We all understand this logically to varying degrees. But many of us feel the compulsion to manipulate time, to restructure it to fit our lifestyles. “Make the time,” is the common expression, as if we could create something out […]

The impact of the Hippocratic Oath in 2018

Hippocrates wrote the Oath for Physicians about 2,500 years ago, and numerous translations and variations have emerged for medical students to take, usually at graduation time. That era of Western medicine had great changes so that an oath appeared necessary to protect the patients in those ancient times. The thrust of the Hippocratic Oath included […]

I’m sorry about what happened to your son under anesthesia

It was a sunny morning in July, and I was scheduled at the outpatient center with the oral and maxillofacial surgeons for teeth extractions. One of my patients was your son, an athletic teenager, whose only medical history was asthma. According to you and him, he had not experienced any recent asthma attacks and had […]

Let’s go back to the original meaning of the word, “doctor”

When I think back to the original meaning of the word “doctor,” I believe we may have lost our way in the physician/patient interaction. The word “doctor” originates from the Latin word, meaning to teach. As a physician and educator, I can’t remember the last time I went to the doctor and was taught something. […]

“I love my patients … but I love myself, too!”

An excerpt from the Docs Outside the Box podcast, episode 3: How Dr. Drai gets paid the big bucks to do what he loves! Dr. Nii Darko: Have you ever wanted to know what the lifestyle was like for Dr. Sanjay Gupta, or even a Dr. Oz — or even the doctors in the show “The […]

How can virtual care fix the health care industrial complex?

The health care industry is experiencing a crisis. There’s a shortage of highly skilled doctors. And as a result, doctors are working long hours that are affecting their stress levels, increasing burnout rates, health and the ability to diagnose their patients properly. This piece will discuss the many solutions to this problem: from offering better, […]

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