3 steps for doctors to move into the next level of career growth

In medicine, this is the time when one season ends, and another begins. New doctors graduate medical school. They are excited and, at the same time scared, as they enter into residency training. Interns become residents. Senior residents celebrate moving into attending positions or look forward to subspecialty training in fellowship programs. It’s the excitement of completion combined with the uncertainty of charting a new course in medicine. Each new level in your medical career presents the opportunity for personal growth.

There is the opportunity to learn more about how to balance life with the demands of patient care, learning, and teaching. It’s a time to enhance your skill set while integrating the latest advancements in technology. And it can be overwhelming.

It is essential for doctors to take the time to get focused and breathe life into the new phase of their medical careers. Often we forge ahead into the next stage without a plan. When we encounter a snag or roadblock, we succumb to the stress and overwhelm of the situation and then look outward into the culture of medicine for the solution. Suppose we found strategies that empower us to find answers to meet our unique needs. The best time to do this is when our energy is high, and we are in a place of celebration. That is the time when we can begin to design our life and career, instead of merely living by default.

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