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Chronic disease is making medical education worse

Remarkable improvements in advanced life-saving therapies have brought chronic disease management to the forefront of American health care. Today, we see more patients that have complicated conditions. Often, these patients are admitted to the hospital with acute symptoms related to chronically managed conditions such as heart failure, lung diseases or cancer. These patients can end […]

A physician goes from stressed to zen

I did not need help. I could do it myself. I never asked, and anyone who worked with me quickly understood they did not need to offer. This was my modus operandi. It was how I unconsciously organized my life, no more aware than riding a bike or tying my shoes. It happened in the […]

Racial disparities are dividing us in death, too

Camille’s dark glasses disguised a black eye she suffered falling from bed, cowering to take cover. Someone fired shots near her bungalow’s back window again, a routine rhythm of her slice of Chicago that she has heard for years now. The 82 year old walks with a cane but carries a brick in her purse. […]

The opioid crisis makes the therapeutic relationship adversarial

A patient with chronic pain and a physician walk into an exam room. This could be the set-up for a punchline, but in our current medical climate, it’s more often the first step in an elaborate dance that leaves both parties feeling frustrated, belittled, and ignored. Often, this is a first-time appointment rather than an […]

After retirement: How should this physician handle money?

My email box is an endless source of material for the blog and podcast. As always, details are changed to protect the innocent. Assume genders are swapped about half the time, specialties are changed, and identifying details are obscured. Today’s Q&A provides a great discussion of some things to think about as you approach retirement. […]

Will Buffet, Bezos, and Dimon be able to control health care costs?

The recent announcement that Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon, and JPMorgan have joined forces to pare down health care costs has sent ripple effects across the health care space. The announcement sent stocks tumbling due to the uncertainty of what influence these companies will have on a deeply complex, unruly and wasteful health care system. Said Berkshire […]

Poor communication between EHRs is unacceptable. Let’s fix it.

The third year of medical school is when a student experiences the frustrations of medicine firsthand. Once, my team admitted a transfer patient from another hospital to treat a condition that was ravaging the patient’s lungs. But before we could act, we needed to rule out a dormant infection; if our patient was unknowingly infected […]

Why are there vending machines in hospitals?

Why are there vending machines in hospitals? This seems like an odd question to ponder, and it certainly would seem to have nothing to do with the current state of medicine and health care in our country. But it is a question that I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around. Certainly, most […]

You don’t know what your patient’s end-of-life wishes are

As I walked in the room, I noticed it immediately: Norman was worse. The recurrent invasive cancer in his neck was impairing the drainage of fluid from his face making it difficult for him to turn his head, and it had progressed overnight. Despite his alarming appearance, he seemed calm. There were no more cancer-specific […]

5 things America can do today to reduce gun deaths

It’s February 15, and our country has had yet another school shooting. Seventeen more kids are dead, despite multiple warnings that the perpetrator was high risk. No one wanted this to happen. Across the political spectrum, Americans are appropriately asking what they can do to prevent another shooting. Yesterday many asked for a day to […]

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