Caregivers have the power to prevent medical error

What if it is your parent? Your spouse? Your child?

Imagine supporting a loved one through a journey of serious illness. You go to all the appointments, know all the medications, almost feel the aches and pains as if they were our own. You repeat the same thing over and over again to one doctor after another making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Did somebody write this down? Isn’t this important?

As a clinician, you are busy, overworked. Most days, you don’t have time for lunch. The last thing you want to do is listen to a caregiver who thinks they know better. You’re the expert. Of course. But have you considered how a caregiver can help you? Here’s an example.

My father, who had cancer, experienced kidney failure when doctors in the ICU took him off intravenous hydration. The nephrologist concluded that the cancer was taking his kidneys.

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