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Blackberries: A Home Remedy for a Stomach Ache

As a child growing up my parents were always into home remedies instead of taking their kids to the doctors. They didn’t have much belief […]

Prime Male Review – Can Testosterone Boosters Take It Further?

Verdict of the Product Our Prime Male review seeks to test and dissect the Prime Male supplement, analyse its effects, safety, and potency, and provide […]

Testofuel Review – Ready to Be a Better Man?

Verdict of the Product Our extensive Testofuel review revealed some well known facts about the product while also exposing some additional advantages not previously well […]

Prescribed Antibiotics? Take Probiotics Too!

Antibiotics are indiscriminate killers. Their main function is to seek out bacteria and destroy it. The problem with that design is that antibiotics can’t tell […]

Supplements Are a Great Way to Build Muscle

Proper diet along with supplements is the Pandora’s box for building muscle. It is easy to make such a statement but rather difficult to select […]

Reducing Cholesterol Without Risky Statin Drugs

In 1988 after our fourth son Ian was born, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. I was put on a slightly expensive, but traditional medication […]

Anti-Aging Human Growth Hormone Clinics: Points to Consider

The anti-aging industry has blown out in recent years to a billion dollar market. There has been an increase in the number of clinics using […]

Niacin: A Guide to This Special B Vitamin

Also known as B3 or Nicotinic Acid, Niacin is a water soluble B vitamin that helps to rebuild your nervous system and turns carbohydrates into […]

Reducing My Cholesterol the Old Fashioned Way – Through Healthy Eating and Exercise

I have struggled with my weight since I was a preschooler. I was the heaviest kid in every class from kindergarten through college graduation. Then […]

Nutrition Guide to Multi-Vitamins

The bottle says 100% for all the major vitamins, that’s all you need, right? The commercials tell you that their “one-a-day” is all you need, […]

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