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Doctors, nurses may be suffering from skin damage due to face masks as coronavirus rages

After so many hours wearing this form of personal protective equipment, skin can tear, increasing the likelihood of infection.

CMS issues new infection control guidances based on CDC guidelines to protect against COVID-19

The guidance is meant to empower local hospitals and healthcare systems to rapidly expand their capacity to treat coronavirus patients.

Walgreens expands telehealth as COVID-19 demands social distancing

Walgreens Find Care now includes a COVID-19 risk assessment, powered by Microsoft Healthcare Bot on Microsoft Azure.

Indiana Network for Population Health tackles SDOH integration

The challenge of population health is the ability to integrate and share the data for health systems to act upon the information.

Deploying technology during COVID-19: The technology needs to meet the crisis

While new technologies are being deployed, health systems can use existing resources to help combat the coronavirus’ spread.

One in four rural hospitals were at high financial risk of closing even before coronavirus

The data was gathered before COVID-19 began its spread across the globe, meaning the outlook for rural hospitals may yet worsen.

CMS makes $34 billion loan available to providers, suppliers

CMS has received over 25,000 requests and has approved over 17,000 in the last week.

Small hospitals get a hand with population health management

At the Maine Rural Health Research Center, the goal is to help critical access hospitals find innovative and cost-effective ways to build healthier communities.

COVID-19: Ventilators are in short supply, but so are medications for ventilator patients

If the current pandemic continues much longer, acquiring needed ventilator medications will present long-term challenges for patient care.

Blue Shield of California is offering providers up to $200 million during COVID-19 crisis

Nonprofit insurer is working with two financial-services partners to provide financing guarantees, advance payments and restructuring of contracts.

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