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AMA, MGMA, 85 other medical groups urge CMS to reduce EHR and meaningful use burden on doctors

AMA, others also suggested that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Seema Verma loosen PQRS and value-based payment requirements.

Young adult coverage proves problematic for health law, tips balance of marketplaces

Policy has proven to be double-edged sword for ACA’s online health exchanges, funneled young, healthy customers away from overall “risk pools.”

Experts decry fallout from dumping “essential benefits” from GOP health bill, could hurt chronically ill

It will likely also induce insurers to offer much skimpier plans, potentially excluding the gravely ill, putting consumers at greater financial risk.

GOP strips essential benefits from healthcare bill ahead of do-or-die Friday vote

The amendments also delays the repeal of Medicare tax cuts for the country’s highest earners until 2023.

Voters oppose GOP health plan 3-1, Quinnipiac poll finds

Only 20 percent of voters want President Trump to repeal the ACA, 50 percent want parts repealed, 27 percent don’t want any of it repealed.

Paul Ryan delays American Health Care Act vote amid mixed GOP support

Republicans from conservative and moderate caucuses met with President Donald Trump Thursday, but did not strike a deal.

Value-based care, patient engagement, local attention and digital technology are fixes for healthcare industry, report says

Vital Directions report offers broad template for change for industry redesign, expert says.

Hammes boasts $2 billion in completed healthcare construction projects for 2016

Completed projects totaled 4.3 million square feet, a 35 percent increase over 2015, company said.

Providers still not ready for MACRA, Stoltenberg survey says

It turns out many healthcare providers expected, or hoped, that the initiative would be delayed. It’s still coming and they need to prepare now.

Republicans scurry to find enough votes to repeal Obamacare as Koch brothers pledge to back dissenters

Freedom Caucus members said Wednesday essential health benefits are in play.

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