How to thrive during your residency

Even though my own internship was a decade ago, I vividly remember the transition from student to resident. Residency was monumental in my path to becoming a physician. There were obvious changes: People now called me “doctor,” my misshapen short white coat was upgraded to a more comforting full length one, and I was often the first one paged to respond to patient problems. Coupled with the positive aspects though, I also faced some challenges. I struggled with depression, my relationship with my girlfriend was strained, and I felt overwhelmed as I contemplated switching specialties after my second year (from ophthalmology to internal medicine).

Despite the stress, I look back with fond recollection and a realization that the tremendous experiences and camaraderie can never again be replicated. As a resident, I was privileged to help take care of an underserved population in New York, trained under inspiring teachers and worked hard alongside talented co-residents (some of whom will undoubtedly be lifelong friends and one of whom I married).

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