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  2. Gifts given and gifts taken away — September 6, 2018
  3. A college education is money well spent — August 30, 2018
  4. A physician’s first financial advisor — August 23, 2018
  5. Do you run a financially independent business? — August 16, 2018

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The act of sharing vulnerability creates incredibly profound experiences

There are so many things that I could tell you to be.  Be brave.  Because change and opportunity are scary and fear is a natural precursor to achievement.  Be kind.  Because there are fewer things in life that will bring such natural and unadulterated joy.  Be humble.  Because the first sign that you are plodding […]

Gifts given and gifts taken away

There are gifts given and gifts taken away.  And Jacob’s abilities could be described as nothing less than a gift.   He was a violin virtuoso.  Or at least, that was the word the university professor of violin pedagogy fumbled with over and over again as she ushered the eight-year-old Jacob out of her office […]

A college education is money well spent

I have a few hundred thousand dollars in 529 plans.  We have been growing them for years.  Although not everyone’s cup of tea, this lump of money invested in this manner suggests that not only am I prepared to drop a boatload on college education, but also feel that it is cash well spent.  Although […]

A physician’s first financial advisor

I usually simplify things here on the blog.  Sometimes it is easier to glaze over a part of the story instead of pulling out all the details.  Others, the point is clearer when not bogged down by tangentially related details.  What’s lost in nuance, however, often adds shades of complexity to the picture.  Occasionally another […]

Do you run a financially independent business?

Although I would never describe the business of primary care medicine as cutting edge, there are a number of innovations that have come and gone during my short tenure running a medical practice.  The business of medicine is fascinating and leaves much room for personalization and creativity.  I have been lucky to operate at the forefront of […]

The momentum effect is causing you to stay in your job

We have all heard of the one more year phenomena.  Financially independent people, such as myself, hit the wall of fear.  Although we have enough, we persist in our W-2 day job for no reason.  There are many explanations for our persistence.  Yet none of them adequately account for why it is so hard to shake our indentured servitude once […]

Every doctor should have a plan B. Here’s why.

I’ve written previously that financial independence is plan B.  Plan A, of course, is life.  Your work and time are precious, and life is too short to be wading through a morass of unhappiness only to get to some endpoint or goal. While I definitely believe in front-loading the sacrifice, the cost should not have to be […]

The case against physician side hustles is weak

As many of you know, I am a big fan of side hustles.  I see them as a financial independence superpower that not only leads to increased revenue and diversification, but also joy and passion.  I am not, however, unaware of the fact that many feel they are a waste of time.  The case against side hustles is real. […]

Crisis has its benefits

I have neck pain.  It’s been going on for years.  Usually, I get sore stiff muscles once a week and a headache.  This is the consequence of having a big bobblehead on a pencil thin, weak neck.  In the throes of pain, I have thought many a time about doing the right thing, and going […]

A patient dying of financial catastrophe

I am not a doctor of finance.  I’m a medical doctor.  So when I enter an elderly patient’s home, I’m not expecting to do a wallet biopsy.  Whether they can pay me or not is of little consequence.  I do think, however, about whether they will be able to afford the care I prescribe.  Will they have […]

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