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  2. A physician’s experience with time stress — November 5, 2018
  3. 3 hurdles to financial independence — October 30, 2018
  4. The financial independence wild goose chase — October 22, 2018
  5. When doctors leave clinical medicine, don’t blame the victim — October 14, 2018

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A physician manages life-work balance

I like work.  I really do.  Although I have been talking up my half retirement, there is a reason I am not going the full monty.  I derive pleasure from being a physician.  The ability to reach out and help other human beings, and get paid for it is am…

A physician’s experience with time stress

I have two Achilles’ heels.  Two mental health issues that continually challenge me no matter how introspective and self-aware I become.  One is food.  I have talked before about how food was my money.  As annoying as that can be, I feel like I h…

3 hurdles to financial independence

I have talked in the past about how I try to tackle the philosophy of financial independence.  Part of the reason is that there are so many other amazing voices that manage the mechanical side.  The other part is my profound belief that the grand major…

The financial independence wild goose chase

I was sitting across from a new acquaintance at the CampFI Midwest and he was telling me about his next budding venture.  He had a brilliant business plan.  An idea which no one had capitalized on before.  He was in the middle of gathering investors and beginning the long process of due diligence.  I probed further.  I am […]

When doctors leave clinical medicine, don’t blame the victim

I don’t want to be unclear here.  I don’t want to mince my words.  But I’m mad about an interaction I had on Facebook.  I was commenting on the Physician Side Gigs group page when someone riffed on one of my statements.  They mentioned that my opinions could be a slippery slope towards a future […]

Avoid the power drain of life

I believe we have power.  That deep inside each of us resides a unique purpose and identity that are unstoppable.  That embracing this power leads to lifelong contentedness.  Finding this well of vitality is complicated.  Certainly it starts by telling ourselves the right stories about our lives.  By becoming the protagonist of our own unique narrative, we […]

The 5 stages of financial independence

I have talked in the past about coping with financial freedom.  Once we reach the mountaintop, we undergo a number of emotional changes.  It is, however, a mistake to believe that the transformation only begins once we have attained our goal.  In my humble opinion, there are five stages of financial independence.  These stages begin with […]

The influence of a physician’s father

Because of my father When you lose a parent during childhood, it effects just about everything you become.  Decisions about life naturally stem from enduring this trauma.  Some try to form families early and replace that which they feel has been lost.  Others spurn close connections and create a wall so firm that no one else […]

The act of sharing vulnerability creates incredibly profound experiences

There are so many things that I could tell you to be.  Be brave.  Because change and opportunity are scary and fear is a natural precursor to achievement.  Be kind.  Because there are fewer things in life that will bring such natural and unadulterated joy.  Be humble.  Because the first sign that you are plodding […]

Gifts given and gifts taken away

There are gifts given and gifts taken away.  And Jacob’s abilities could be described as nothing less than a gift.   He was a violin virtuoso.  Or at least, that was the word the university professor of violin pedagogy fumbled with over and over again as she ushered the eight-year-old Jacob out of her office […]

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