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  1. When physicians fear for their lives — September 12, 2019
  2. The sensitive topic of physical contact during exams — August 29, 2019
  3. When Medicare stops covering a test without warning — August 19, 2019
  4. A doctor survived a day without a computer. Here’s how he did it. — August 9, 2019
  5. Too many “experts.” Not enough family doctors. — August 6, 2019

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When physicians fear for their lives

The receptionist interrupted me in the middle of my dictation. “There’s a woman and her husband at the front desk. She’s already been seen by Dr. Kim for chest pain, but refuses to leave, and her husband seems really agitated. They’re demanding to spea…

The sensitive topic of physical contact during exams

Touch is a sensitive thing. No pun is intended here, but whether and how we touch our patients deserves our careful thought and deliberation. So much interpersonal contact these days is virtual, with emojis, abbreviations and whole words thrown around …

When Medicare stops covering a test without warning

There are two versions of “the conversation” we have with men: One is for teenage boys, and it is about wet dreams, sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancy and at one point also about testicular self-examinations. Those have now been edited ou…

A doctor survived a day without a computer. Here’s how he did it.

It wasn’t even nine o’clock when the screen on my laptop suddenly froze. From that moment until my last patient left the building, my clinic had no internet. For my part, the day went pretty smoothly, mostly because of some of my own work habits. It al…

Too many “experts.” Not enough family doctors.

It’s a funny world we live in. Lots of people make a handsome living, defining their work and setting their own fees and hours with little or no formal education or certification There are personal and executive coaches, wealth advisers, marketing expe…

Instead of speed, focus on the value of each patient encounter

In business literature, I have seen the phrase “getting paid for who you are instead of what you do.” This implies that some people bring value because of the depth of their knowledge and their appreciation of all the nuances in their field, the author…

The art of off-label prescribing

Some drugs are used for indications beyond their original FDA approved ones that make complete sense. I mean, if old seizure medications help nerve pain, it might be reasonable to try new ones for the same purpose if everything else fails. Sometimes th…

Despite the talk about team-based care, physicians today are isolated

My first job after residency was in a small mill town in central Maine. I joined two fifty something family doctors, one of whom was the son of the former town doctor. I felt like I was Dr. Kiley on Marcus Welby, MD. I didn’t have a motorcycle, b…

Physicians are problem solvers and artists

I keep thinking about the dichotomy between covering a lot of ground and getting to the point. The other day I saw my bosses at one of my clinics stop in their tracks when I suggested that a lot of the things we are measured on as physicians could be t…

A diagnosis of pneumonia in a rehab facility: We can do better

I’ve known Pat McCann (identifying information changed) for many years. He carries a diagnosis of COPD and has a preventative and a rescue inhaler, but he has never really had any serious flare-ups. He fell and broke his hip. Then he went to skilled re…

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