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How to improve care for high-cost, high-need Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries

High-cost, high-need Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries face a host of challenges when interacting with the healthcare system, but certain policy changes could improve care for these patients, according to a new fact sheet from the National …

Study: Traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage enrollee populations differ

The population enrolled in traditional Medicare has different characteristics than the Medicare Advantage population–a fact policymakers must keep in mind when shaping the future of the Medicare program, according to a new study published in…

Federal and private insurers take on larger portion of mental health spending

Private and federal insurers have gradually absorbed a bigger chunk of spending on mental health services over the last three decades even as spending on substance abuse treatment has remained steady, according to a study published in Health …

Medicare, BCBS most favored payers among ambulatory providers

Despite its reputation in the political arena, Medicare is a highly favored payer among ambulatory providers, according to a report from medical research firm Peer60. Meanwhile, UnitedHealthcare has the most contracts with providers, but is t…

CareSource’s Life Services program helps Medicaid beneficiaries secure employment

Recognizing that Medicaid health plans must address more than just beneficiaries’ medical needs, CareSource uses its Life Services program to help connect its members to community resources that boost their economic stability and social wellbeing, according to a blog post for America’s Health Insurance Plans.

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Hillary Clinton’s ‘Medicare for more’ could clash with ACA plans

Hillary Clinton’s recent proposal to expand Medicare to those 50 and older could disrupt the current structure of the Affordable Care Act and potentially erode state exchanges, according to the New York Times blog The Upshot.


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States save money with new Medicaid policies for incarcerated population

Three states’ initiatives to connect the justice-involved population to Medicaid coverage have produced both savings and administrative efficiencies for their Medicaid programs, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.


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4 reforms that could rein in Medicare spending growth

A new report from the National Center for Policy Analysis examines ways to reduce Medicare’s excess cost growth.

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Medicaid plans’ business model succeeds on exchanges where others struggle

The success of smaller insurers with extensive Medicaid experience may offer a model that could stabilize the Affordable Care Act marketplace exchanges, according to Roll Call.

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Certain coverage options could save Medicaid money on long-term care

Using private and/or public insurance options to help finance long-term care could offset costs for the Medicaid program and provide better financial protection for individuals with disabilities, argues a new brief from the Urban Institute with funding…

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