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Improving Health And Hygiene With Purell, Azure, And IoT

GOJO Industries–makers of Purell–are leveraging Microsoft Azure to develop technology for connected IoT hand sanitizer dispensers to monitor hygiene behavior in hospitals and provide data that can be used to influence the practice of hand hygiene to …

How Do You Innovate? A Practical Guide To Creating New Products And Businesses

Startups are innovating at a huge risk to the founders and investors. How do you create new products and businesses inside a big or medium-sized organization without taking huge risks and increase R&D effectiveness? This article offers a method to go …

Walgreens Partnership Strategy Won’t End With Microsoft

Walgreens and Microsoft “will reach out to other players in the space to create a true ecosystem,” Walgreens Boots Alliance CEO Stefano Pessina says.

Walgreens CEO: Microsoft Will Help Create ‘Ecosystem’ To Simplify Healthcare

Walgreens CEO Stefano Pessina says the partnership with Microsoft will help create an “ecosystem” that connects its drugstores to patients and their medical care providers in communities.

In Blockbuster Alliance, Walgreens And Microsoft To Develop ‘New Healthcare Models’

Walgreens said it has formed a partnership with Microsoft Corp. to “develop new health care delivery models, technology and retail innovations to advance and improve the future of health care.”

Poor Worker Health Costs U.S. Employers Half Trillion Dollars A Year

Poor worker health costs U.S. employers $530 billion a year, the Integrated Benefits Institute reports.

BlackBerry Shows IoT Progress With New Products And Partnerships

BlackBerry pushes deeper into the Internet of Things with updated QNX RTOS software for healthcare, a blockchain partnership and a platform called Spark. The company continues to bolster its security portfolio with a focus on financial, government, he…

17 Surprising Remote Jobs With A Great Salary

These 17 remote jobs surprisingly can earn you a great salary.

NYU Medical School Is Now Tuition Free – And What To Do Next

NYU Medical School is now tuition-free. Here are your next steps.

UN Director Faremo & Ex-Microsoft Lawyer Eyes ‘AI Potential’ At IPsoft Digital Summit

A former Norwegian government minister for 10 years and a lawyer for Microsoft, Greta Faremo, says that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has “undeniable potential” and could help the United Nation’s Office for Project Services with a $1.8 billion annual budget, fulfill its sustainable development goals.

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