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Kidney Stones Grow Just Like Real Stones, Recording Your Health Through Time

Recent research found that kidney stones have many more similarities with real stones than anyone previously thought.

The CEO’s Guide to Retirement

“I don’t quite know what to do next,” said Simon, a media CEO. Simon had been a chief executive for 15 years, and CFO before he was 30. He had turned around private and public companies, quadrupled profits….

Fluorescent Tracers Help Surgeons Remove Breast Cancer Tumors And Preserve Healthy Tissue

Fluorescent tracer dyes could provide real-time feedback to surgeons during breast cancer surgery, maximizing the chance of removing all of the tumor, whilst preserving more healthy tissue.

You Might Want Artificial Intelligence Reading Your Next Mammogram

How artificial intelligence is spotting breast cancer better than some physicians.

How An Erectile Dysfunction Startup Wants To Help You Quit Smoking

The startup that launched last year selling erectile dysfunction pills online has a new target.

E-Cigarette Math And The FDA’s Regulatory Dilemma

The FDA faces a tough regulatory decision on e-cigarettes: is it more important to stop teens from vaping or to help adults quit smoking?

Social Determinants Impede Care Of 88% Of Patients, Doctors Say

Nearly 90% of physicians have patients impacted by social determinants of health, The Physicians Foundation 2018 survey of 9,000 U.S. doctors shows.

17 Surprising Remote Jobs With A Great Salary

These 17 remote jobs surprisingly can earn you a great salary.

The Best Nutrition Tech, Gadgets And Innovation 2018

The latest and greatest nutritional advances that can help keep you in tip-top health

Harvard Professor’s Attack On Pharma’s Clinical Trials Is Absurd

Yes, we must be vigilant to be certain that studies are run ethically and that results are published accurately and on time. But, to say that academic-industry relationships are full of “corruption” is both wrong and irresponsible.

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