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Moderna Hires New CFO Amid Race To Develop Coronavirus Treatment

Biotech company Moderna, which is among the leaders in the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine, on Thursday named a sector veteran its new finance chief, as it gears up to launch commercial operations and potentially oversee explosive growth if it su…

Lancet Retracts Study Suggesting Hydroxychloroquine Could Increase Coronavirus Death Risk

The study made waves earlier this week when scientists pointed out that some of the data might be fabricated.

Why Masks And Gloves Give You A False Sense Of Security

Why does a simple piece of fabric or latex make us feel like we’re COVID-proof?

Scientists Find A Switch To Turn Off A Gene That Causes Aggressive Breast Cancer

Tulane University School of Medicine researchers hope to soon receive FDA approval to begin clinical trials.

A Warning From Sweden

Here are the lessons we can learn from Sweden’s approach to Covid-19

ICE Is Fueling Coronavirus Outbreaks, Ignoring CDC Guidelines

ICE again flouts public health recommendations, driving COVID-19 outbreaks and causing needless deaths.

Affordability Of Covid-19 Drugs And Vaccines Shouldn’t Play Second Fiddle To Cost-Effectiveness

This doesn’t mean that resources shouldn’t be spent on developing and eventually paying for coronavirus vaccines or Covid-19 treatments. It does, however, imply that policymakers be made aware of foregone alternative uses of resources.

Why America’s Nurses Were Not Prepared For The Coronavirus Pandemic

Tener Veenema, a fellow at the American Academy of Nursing; and Diane Meyer, an analyst at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security explain why nurses were not prepared for Covid-19, and how systems can change to better handle future public health …

UnitedHealth Group Boosts Housing Investments To $500M To Address Social Determinants

UnitedHealth Group will increase investments in affordable housing to $500 million to address social determinants of health as insurers intensify strategies to reduce costs and improve outcomes beyond covering traditional medical treatments.

What Fertility Treatments Will Look Like After The Coronavirus Pandemic, According To Experts

Fertility treatments have adapted throughout the Covid-19 crisis and experts explain why it might have changed the way that people access fertility treatment forever.

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