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Medicines For Monkeypox – Antivirals And Vaccines Are Available

We have two antivirals and two vaccines available to treat monkeypox, but we need to work carefully to control the infection’s spread.

Here Are The Companies That Could Profit As Governments Scramble To Secure Monkeypox Treatments And Vaccines

There are few treatments or vaccines authorized against monkeypox but officials and experts say those developed for smallpox are likely to be effective.

Man Suffers Memory Loss 10 Minutes After Having Sex, Here’s What Transient Global Amnesia Is

After having sexual intercourse, the man forgot his wedding anniversary. But not in the way that you might have expected.

FDA To Approve Import Of Over One Million Cans Of Infant Formula From Australia

Today the FDA announced that Australia will be shipping over one million cans of desperately needed infant formula to the U.S.

No Surprises Act Prevented 2 Million Surprise Medical Bills In 2 Months, New Study Shows

The No Surprises Act is designed to protect consumers from surprise medical bills. According to a new report, it’s already starting to work.

Young Adult Blood Cancer Survivors Face increased Risk Of Death For Decades After Treatment

The research highlights the importance of continued checkups and care for young people who have been treated for blood cancer.

Monkeypox Is Not The Same As Shingles Despite Covid-19 Vaccine-Related Claims

There are now unfounded claims that the monkeypox outbreak is really a shingles outbreak due to Covid-19 vaccines.

How Will Testing For Covid-19 Change In The Future?

Dr. Matt Binnicker, an expert in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, discusses the future of Covid-19 testing and explains why we’ll be testing for this viral infection for years to come.

U.K. Monkeypox Cases Rise To 90

An infection has been reported in Northern Ireland for the first time during the outbreak.

Dementia Is On The Rise Worldwide. Here’s How To Stop It

Before 2020, dementia and memory loss were a major part of the global health care conversation. Dementia is the seventh leading cause of death, and the emergence of COVID-19 has shone a light on its implications for dementia. But a hidden pandemic has …

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