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A Story About How A Successful Outcome Doesn’t Guarantee A Positive Patient Experience

The following is a story of a friend and a recent visit to a local hospital. Her story shows us that we remember whole experiences not just outcomes and that when we are in a vulnerable state we pay much more attention to how we are treated than anythi…

Kate Merton on Business Values, Intellectual Humility, and Mentorship

Kate Merton, head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS New York, Boston and Philadelphia, discusses how big companies can stay true to their values, figure out their blind spots, and create cultures of generosity.

Scientists Discover A New Potential Way To Stop Breast Cancer Spreading

Researchers have discovered a new way by which breast cancer cells hide from therapy in distant parts of the body, which may lead to new ways to treat them.

Should You Bet On Transdermal Drug Delivery?

Delivering drugs through a patch sounds good. But can you make money investing in it? Not likely. But a Quebec company is working with Tilray to get you a Cannabis high via oral film.

Enjoy That Morning Brew: It Might Be Going Extinct

Did you know there are 124 species of coffee? A new study reveals that 60% of the coffee species around the world are in danger of going extinct. The world’s favorite bean, arabica, is one of them.

How (And Why) To Maintain Your Health And Wellbeing As A Founder

Research suggests as many as eight percent of startups began to fail because their founders burn out. So what hacks do different founders resort to in order to keep them on top of their game?

FDA’s Banner Year For Approvals: Will Market Access To New Drugs Follow Suit?

By all accounts 2018 was a sensational year for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals of new drugs and biologics. But, payers are faced with the prospect of having to manage the impact of drugs launching at increasingly higher prices.

As Shutdown Enters Second Month, Public Health Risks Rise

Public health and medical groups fear “long-lasting health consequences” of the government shutdown as it enters its second month.

The Biotech VC View: What Does 2019 Hold For European Health Startups?

What does 2019 hold for biotech? This was my question to Irina Haivas, Principal at Atomico. We chat about the evolution of the biotech space in 2018; how and why investors with more digital backgrounds are moving in; and which companies, funds and con…

Measles Outbreak Show Why Anti Vaxxers Made WHO’s 10 Global Health Threats

Clark County, Washington, has declared a public health emergency due to a measles outbreak, another example of why “vaccine hesitancy” is on the World Health Organization’s 2019 list of 10 global health threats.

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