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Anthem Profits Up As Insurer Adds 1.4 Million New Members

Anthem’s membership grew by more than 1 million thanks to a big increase in enrollment in its Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans.

How Israel Ended Outdoor Face Mask Mandates With The Help Of Covid-19 Vaccines

Over half the total population and over 80% of the adult population in Israel have now been fully vaccinated.

Abbott Profits Triple As Over-the-counter Covid-19 Tests Hit Drugstore Shelves

Abbott Laboratories launched several diagnostic tests for Covid-19 this week in Walmarts, Walgreens and CVS drugstores.

UnitedHealth’s Optum To Broaden Telehealth Offerings In All 50 States

UnitedHealth Group’s Optum healthcare services unit has launched a virtual care business that is expanding telehealth across the U.S.

Doctors Can’t Cope With Anguish Of Covid-19 Casualties

To be a doctor, you must be comfortable repressing uncomfortable feelings. To save lives, you must deny fear and doubt and pain and grief. However, these coping mechanisms—repression and denial—have their limits. Covid-19 has breached those limits.

What Dikembe Mutombo, The NBA, Kaiser Permanente Are Doing About Covid-19 Vaccine Inequities

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation analysis found that people of color are not getting a proportional share of Covid-19 vaccinations.

No Side Effects Doesn’t Mean The Covid-19 Vaccine Is Not Working

According to the CDC, 77.4% of people who got the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 mRNA vaccine reported at least one type of systemic reaction in the seven days after the vaccination.

Bill Maher Rants About Covid-19 Coronavirus, Here Are The Issues With What He Said

Maher called Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) “a voracious consumer of the scientific literature.”

Homelessness Is A Healthcare Issue. Why Don’t We Treat It As One?

Housing alone will not solve the problems of people experiencing homelessness. Healthcare must be part of the solution, too.

Blocking Airplane Middle Seats Could Reduce Covid-19 Coronavirus Risk By 57%, Study Says

Unlike other major U.S airlines, Delta Airlines has continued to block out middle seats to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. However, Delta will end this policy on May 1.

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