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Dr. Fauci Takes 2nd Course Of Paxlovid After Suffering Covid-19 Rebound

Fauci indicated that his rebound symptoms were “much worse than in the first go-around.”

Opioid Settlement Drags Walgreens Profits

Walgreens reported profits tumbled to $229 million in its third quarter due largely to costs to settle with the state of Florida claims its pharmacies contributed to the opioid epidemic.

Ted Cruz Trolls Sesame Street’s Elmo Over Covid-19 Vaccines For Kids Under 5

Looks like Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wasn’t tickled by what Elmo said.

Alignment Healthcare Will Expand Medicare Advantage To Lucrative Florida And Texas Markets For 2023

Alignment Healthcare is expanding Medicare Advantage into Florida and Texas for 2023.

Breaking The Rule Of Drug Pricing In America

This article, part of a series on breaking the unwritten rules of healthcare, details how biopharma companies continue to ratchet up drug prices and generate outsized profit margins year after year.

Walgreens Won’t Sell U.K. Boots Pharmacies After All

Walgreens Boots Alliance won’t be selling its Boots pharmacies in the United Kingdom following a strategic review of buyers.

Over 400,000 Umbrellas Sold At Costco Recalled Due To Fire Risk

There have been cases of these SunVilla umbrellas catching fire and one case of smoke inhalation injury.

Study: Monkeypox Virus Has Had ‘Accelerated Evolution,’ Around 50 Mutations In DNA

A study published in Nature Medicine found that monkeypox viruses from the current outbreak have on average 50 differences in their DNA compared to the versions from about four years earlier. That’s about six to 12 times more than what would have been …

Hundreds Of Dead Birds In Martha’s Vineyard, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Suspected

They’ve been washing up on the shore of the Massachusetts island.

New Super Gonorrhea Strain Detected, Causes Sexually Transmitted Infection In Austrian Man

It’s the second extensively drug-resistant (XDR) strain of Neisseria gonorrhoeae that’s been found.

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