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How Cotopaxi Provides Sibly’s AI-Assisted Coaching 24/7 To Employees

The soft launch of the Sibly app occurred on February 1. “Within 24 hours, 8% of employees had downloaded and 5% had begun using,” according to Dusty Hardy at Cotopaxi.

15 Innovative Ideas For Fixing Healthcare From 15 Brilliant Minds

For the past five years, Dr. Robert Pearl has been interviewing healthcare’s top practitioners, thinkers and leaders. After 150 episodes of his podcast, here are the top 15 ideas for fixing healthcare, so far.

Florida Bill Could Ban Elementary Schools From Talking About Menstrual Periods

When asked, Rep. Stan McClain (R), who sponsored House Bill 1069, admitted that his bill could prohibit girls from discussing their periods in elementary school.

Sounding The Alarm: Firefighters Remain More Likely To Die By Suicide Than On Duty

Firefighting is a noble profession associated with heroism. But fighters and researchers are sounding the alarm on the mental and physical effects, warning it comes with severe costs that can lead to depression, burnout, anxiety, post-traumatic stress …

In Cancer, Patient-Empowering AI Begins To Change Care, Relationships

Artificial intelligence is quietly giving patients the ability to find, create and act upon an unprecedented breadth and depth of authoritative information.

Gwyneth Paltrow Refers To Her Long Covid When Responding To Bone Broth Backlash

A number of people had a bone broth to pick about what actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow said about her diet on a recent podcast.

Exercise May Be The Best Treatment For Depression, New Studies Suggest

A growing body of research suggests that exercise may be just as good at reducing symptoms of depression as standard treatments.

Gwyneth Paltrow Touts IV Therapy, Here Are The Problems

On a podcast, Paltrow said, “I love an IV!” IV lounges and wellness spas have been popping up around the country. But should you fall for such a line?

Babesiosis: This Tick-Borne Disease Has Risen In 8 States, CDC Warns

The number of states where babesiosis is considered by the CDC to be endemic has gone from seven to 10,

Utah Lifts Hurdle To Nurse Practitioners As 27th State To Do So

Utah is the latest state giving direct access to nurse practitioners following passage of legislation that eliminates hurdles for patients who need primary care.

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