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Exposure To Excessive Calories While In The Womb May Spur Overeating In Adulthood, Study Finds

Your craving unhealthy foods may have begun in your mother’s womb, new research shows.

‘Dramatic’ Rise In Deadly Superbug Fungus Infections In U.S., CDC Report Says

Candida auris, a type of yeast, can trigger lethal, highly invasive infections and is increasingly resistant to what few antifungal drugs we have to treat it.

From SEO To GEO: What GPT Marketers Need to Know

Generative AI is rapidly replacing and augmenting search. This transition will change the way search engine optimization (SOE) is done. Here is what you can do to prepare for the transformation from SOE to GOE.

The Biden Budget’s Medicare Mirage

Biden’s policy wishlist would only make 40% of Medicare solvent for one third of its standard projection period — that’s a clear sign more options need to be on the table.

In Another Blow To A Healthcare Delivery Industry In Cardiac Arrest, Amazon Just Closed A Blockbuster Deal With One Medical

This latest incursion from retail disruptors is continued bad news for a broken U.S. healthcare delivery system that not only continues to fail in a big way, and on every level, but has historically been loath to pivot to a new delivery model defined b…

These Mice Have Two Dads: What Does This Mean?

Scientists at Osaka University in Japan have just created baby mice with two dads, as reported recently in the journal Nature.

March Is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month- Here’s What You Should Know

Given the racial disparities that exist with respect to mortality and screening for colorectal cancer, we must improve this gap to allow all American citizens to benefit from screening processes.

15 Innovative Ideas For Fixing Healthcare From 15 Brilliant Minds

For the past five years, Dr. Robert Pearl has been interviewing healthcare’s top practitioners, thinkers and leaders. After 150 episodes of his podcast, here are the top 15 ideas for fixing healthcare, so far.

Florida Bill Could Ban Elementary Schools From Talking About Menstrual Periods

When asked, Rep. Stan McClain (R), who sponsored House Bill 1069, admitted that his bill could prohibit girls from discussing their periods in elementary school.

A Match Made Indigenous: Celebrating 10 Incoming Native Resident-Physicians

To honor their tireless dedication and journeys, we spoke with ten Indigenous medical students who recently matched into residency programs to learn more about what this moment means for them, their families, and communities.

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