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UnitedHealth Group Revenue To Hit $360 Billion Next Year

UnitedHealth Group revenue will surpass $357 billion next year as the diversified healthcare giant continues to grow its health insurance business along with the provision of medical care.

How China’s Zero-Covid Policy Failed To Prevent Record Infections And Triggered Rare Protests

China on Monday reported more than 40,000 new Covid-19 cases for the first time since the start of the pandemic, raising questions about the effectiveness of the country’s stringent zero-Covid approach which has triggered unprecedented mass protests.

Learn To “See” C. Difficile To Protect Yourself From This Serious Infection

C. diff causes almost half a million infections yearly. Restoring normal gut microbiome is the focus of new treatments for C diff infections, which follow courses of antibiotics.

60% Of Americans Have Had A Recent Bad Healthcare Experience, New Survey Shows

Most Americans have had a bad healthcare experience recently, according to a new survey that highlights consumer priorities and how to improve patient experience.

Social Connectedness Might Help In Having A Healthier Gut Microbiome

In a recent study, researchers found that social connectedness among monkeys helps in improving the diversity of their gut microbiome that helps in reducing the abundance of bad bacteria that could potentially cause diseases.

Diphtheria: Highly Contagious Disease On The Rise Among U.K. Asylum Seekers

Suspected cases have risen to more than 70, national reports say.

Blockchain Technology May Transform The Future Of Healthcare

This may disrupt information security and data fidelity.

Around 2,500 Australians Pose Naked For Skin Cancer Awareness

Australia leads the world in new skin cancer diagnoses.

FDA Warning: Raw Oysters Contaminated With Sapovirus May Be In 13 States

Dai One Food Company, Ltd., has issued a recall of all potentially affected frozen half shell oysters.

Covid-19 Could Make People More Prone To Other Infections By Wreaking Havoc With Gut Bacteria

In a recent study published in the journal Nature Communications, researchers found that even a mild Covid infection can reduce the diversity of gut microbiota and make people more vulnerable to other infections.

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