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Candace Owens Suggests Invading Australia To ‘Free’ People From Covid-19 Precautions

Senator Ted Crux (R-Texas and not Australia) also called Covid-19 precautions in Australia “Covid tyranny.”

The U.S. Promised 1.1 Billion Covid-19 Vaccine Doses To Poorer Countries. Here’s Where They Are Going.

The White House marked donating 200 million doses Thursday, most of which have been mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna.

Covid-19 Variation: What Comes Next? The Amazonas Experience

Each successive iteration of SARS-CoV-2 variant to date was more transmissible than the last. New variants drove multiple waves of Covid-19 throughout the world. Here, examine what happened in the past and present of the pandemic in order to understand…

Lingering ‘Brain Fog’: Study Finds High Rate Of Cognitive Impairment Months After Covid-19 Infection

High numbers of Covid-19 survivors showed signs of cognitive impairment months after infection, according to tests designed to evaluate memory, language and attention.

Lateral Flow Tests Detect Most People At Risk Of Transmitting Covid-19

However, a new study has found lateral flow tests are more accurate than previously reported and cannot be compared directly to how PCR tests work.

How To Return To Work With Grief

With more than 720,000 people having died since the start of the pandemic, grief has touched so many lives. As employers and colleagues, we need to be able to talk about it out loud with each other, and support it in the workplace.

Leptospirosis Outbreak In NYC Spread By Rat Urine, 13 Hospitalized, One Dead

New York City has had more reported leptospirosis cases than in 2021 than in any other year in recent memory.

CDC: Onion Recall Due To Salmonella Outbreak That’s Left 652 Ill

It turns out that Salmonella Oranienburg outbreak from a previously unknown food source has an onion ring to it.

Colin Powell’s Views On Healthcare Might Surprise You

When Retired General Colin Powell died this week, tributes poured in for his pragmatic, centrist leadership approach. His lesser-known views on healthcare policy may not match what you’d expect.

If Patients Knew: Surgeon Stewardship Versus Balance Sheet Bureaucracy In Orthopaedic Surgery

Rather than treating “value-based care” as a smokescreen to protect profits, we must first align the practice and business of medicine to protect those who know the real value of our care and matter the most: the patient.

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