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VC Firm Of Moderna Chairman Dumped $1.4 Billion Of Stock In Two Months

Flagship Pioneering, a VC fund run and majority owned by Moderna chairman and cofounder Noubar Afeyan, sold the shares in late February and late March.

AstraZeneca Reportedly Faces Being Sued By The European Union Over A Covid Vaccine Delivery Shortfall

AstraZeneca’s failure to deliver on agreed vaccine quotas seriously hampered the EU’s vaccine rollout.

InnovationRx: Health Insurer Profits; Plus 200 Million Vaccinations

InnovationRx is your weekly digest of healthcare news. Sign up!

To Beat Covid Variants, The U.S. Must Do More To Find Them

Dr. Rodney Rohde, a virologist and clinical laboratory expert, explores the challenges of detecting coronavirus variants.

‘No Time For Intolerance:’ Dr. Rachel Levine Has A Job To Do

In her first interview with a transgender journalist since being sworn-in as the nation’s new Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Rachel Levine discusses the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the politicization of healthcare and anti-trans bills sweeping the …

EU Warns Of ‘Possible Link’ Between Johnson & Johnson Vaccine And Blood Clots—But Says Benefits Still Outweigh Risks

The U.S. FDA and CDC suspended the shot earlier this month “out of an abundance of caution.”

Johnson & Johnson Executives Say Administration Of The Company’s Covid-19 Vaccine Will Resume Soon

Regulators in the EU and US meet this week to determine whether to resume administering the vaccine after reports of an extremely rare blood clotting side effect.

This $2 Billion Digital Health Startup Aims To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Virta Health just raised $133 million to expand its services to help diabetes patients wean off of medication with lifestyle changes.

Antibody Startup Adagio Raises $336 Million To Develop A Variant-Proof Treatment For Covid-19

The new company says it has a monoclonal antibody that is effective against all currently known variants of the coronavirus.

The Race To Keep Antibody Treatments One Step Ahead Of Covid-19 Variants

Antibody therapies have been a key tool in keeping patients out of hospitals, but drug companies are fighting to stay ahead of coronavirus mutations.

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