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Global Covid-19 Infections Surpass 40 Million, 1.1 Million Deaths

The U.S. has recorded over 8 million cases.

Pfizer Reportedly Manufactures ‘Several Hundred Thousand’ Covid-19 Vaccines Anticipating November Regulatory Approval

The vaccines are ready to be rolled out worldwide should regulators approve it.

Pfizer Will Seek Emergency Approval For Covid-19 Vaccine In November, After Election

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration needs at least two months of safety data before authorizing emergency use of any experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

Fauci Attacks Herd Immunity Declaration Embraced By White House As ‘Total Nonsense’

The Great Barrington Declaration says authorities should let Covid-19 spread uncontrollably through low-risk populations

‘Long Covid’ Could Be A Cyclical Disease That Moves Around Body Systems, Report Finds

Researchers in the U.K. say symptoms of “Long Covid” could be due to four different syndromes.

Merck CEO Ken Frazier Calls On Corporate America To Help Stabilize Society

Frazier says companies should lobby for better education, healthcare and social justice, just like they lobby for business interests.

Who Are The Biggest Businesses Using Blockchain? Forbes Blockchain 50 Call For Nominations, 2021

Forbes is now accepting nominations for billion-dollar companies making big plays in blockchain, the technology first popularized by bitcoin.

Covid-19 Could Lead To ‘Sudden’ Permanent Deafness

Researchers recorded the first U.K. case of sudden hearing loss following Covid-19, which could be permanent without swift treatment

YouTube Bans Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation

The ban will include videos that suggest vaccines will be used to implant microchips into people getting vaccinated.

Humidifiers Could Lower Covid-19 Infection Risks In Winter, Research Suggests

Dry conditions could mean a greater risk of catching coronavirus, according to recent research using a Japanese supercomputer.

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