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Florida hospital alliances ask for $57M in funding to mitigate looming physician shortage

Baptist Medical Center Nassau opens 30k-sq-ft surgery center — 3 insights

It happens here, too: Sexual harassment occurs in healthcare field

After she published a study about workplace sexual harassment in the medical field, Reshma Jagsi, M.D., began hearing from perfect strangers, and there was no shortage of stories. “The details of their experiences are appalling,” writes Jagsi, in an opinion piece in the New England Journal of Medicine, about how sexual harassment is a problem in the healthcare industry.

IBM & Walmart Launching Blockchain Food Safety Alliance In China With Fortune 500’s

IBM – aka ‘Big Blue’ – together with Walmart, Nasdaq-listed Chinese retailer and Tsinghua University are to collaborate on a food safety alliance in China using the blockchain to achieve greater safety within the food supply chain and improve food tracking, traceability and transparency.

Both markets and the government are needed to fix health care

The most common dividing lines in the national discourse on health care reform simply miss the mark. If one looks beyond the partisan posturing, each side has valid points, but also glaring weaknesses. We may need to work together to get health care right. I was recently invited to a political gathering to discuss health […]

Take advantage of these 2 ways to save money

That’s right folks, I am talking about two types of money saving maneuvers: Save Money #1: spending as little as possible when making purchases through price competitions, coupons and rebates. Save Money #2: putting money you don’t spend into savings and investment accounts for your future. Save money on purchases ‘Tis the season for giving, […]

CVS Health CEO On Aetna Deal

Steve Inskeep talks with Larry Merlo, CEO of CVS Health, about his company’s acquisition of the giant insurer Aetna.

Good Friends Might Be Your Best Brain Booster As You Age

SuperAgers, men and women over age 80 with extraordinary memories, share a commitment to sustaining friendships.

Wrong-site surgery.

Engelhardt KE, Barnard C, Bilimoria KY. JAMA. 2017;318:2033-2034.

White House interoperability meeting focuses on regulatory relief, barriers to data sharing

Donald Rucker, M.D., and Seema Verma were among those leading discussions about barriers to interoperability, relief from regulatory requirements like Meaningful Use and more clarity around HIPAA. While some saw the meeting as evidence the administrati…

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