Financial independence requires sacrifice

It is easy to look at someone’s net worth and ooh and ahh.  The response from my monthly income reports is fairly telling.  People see the numbers and wonder how I accumulated so much.  They peruse the Rockstar Finance’s Net Worth Tracker and daydream.  To capture these dreams, there are countless blog posts about how to become a millionaire.  If you just follow these three simple steps!  The headlines are alluring and the answers are often straightforward and simplistic.  I have even been guilty of such writing.  But the truth is, the cost of financial independence can be steep.  I’m not talking dollars and cents here.

Every decision we make is a tradeoff.  Every hustle, side hustle, side gig, and entrepreneurial venture requires a certain input of time and life energy.  When talking of personal finance, we sometimes are pollyanna about reaching our goal without giving due recognition to what we have given up.

I feel lucky to be financially independent and have the privilege of writing these words for you to read.  To achieve this freedom, however,  required a metaphorical pound of flesh.  Was it worth it?

Let’s see what you think.

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