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Enough With Culture — Focus On Structure, Biotech Entrepreneur Argues

Pharma desperately needs innovation; the question Safi Bahcall’s new book begs is whether senior pharma executives can structure their organizations in a fashion can liberate the creativity, and tolerate the uncertainty, innovation requires.

A Patient Complained About The Cost Of Her Medical Care (Here’s How Her Doctor Responded)

Patients pay a price for the inexplicably high cost of U.S. healthcare. Not just in the expense of copays and deductibles, but also through the harm of losing trust in our nation’s healthcare system.

Harvard Professor’s Attack On Pharma’s Clinical Trials Is Absurd

Yes, we must be vigilant to be certain that studies are run ethically and that results are published accurately and on time. But, to say that academic-industry relationships are full of “corruption” is both wrong and irresponsible.

Two Mistakes Investors Make When Investing In Biotechnology Companies

Biotechnology stocks were some of the strongest performing stocks from 2009-2015. Then, the biotech bubble burst and just about every major biotech stock plunged into a private bear market.

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