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Enough With Culture — Focus On Structure, Biotech Entrepreneur Argues

Pharma desperately needs innovation; the question Safi Bahcall’s new book begs is whether senior pharma executives can structure their organizations in a fashion can liberate the creativity, and tolerate the uncertainty, innovation requires.

The Challenges In Bringing An Anti-Aging Pill To Market

But an anti-aging pill available for the masses is not around the corner. It might not even appear in our lifetime.

Based On Sales Forecasts For 2018 FDA Approved Drugs, Big Pharma Not Just Focused On Blockbusters

What is driving these companies to develop drugs with poorer sales prospects than were previously deemed essential?

Big Pharma Should Accept Cap On Drug Price Increases

By capping price increases to inflation levels, PhRMA can show it cares about patients, drug costs and accessibility of its breakthroughs.

The Demise Of A Once Promising Pancreatic Cancer Drug Is All Too Common

Companies as small as Nivien or as large as Pfizer find the chemical tools and run the experiments that prove or disprove medical hypotheses.

Can The Record Breaking Number Of FDA New Drug Approvals Continue?

Despite these possibilities, the boom in new drugs is likely to continue benefiting the industry and more importantly, the patients anxiously waiting for these new treatments.

The Future Of Cancer Care: A 50 Minute Discussion At Forbes

The future of cancer therapy, an analysis of how Immunotherapy has improved oncology outcomes for patients. This year’s Forbes Summit highlighted both the difficulties, advancements and needs of the cancer care community in order to find the “cure” fo…

No Matter What The FDA Decides, New Diabetes Drugs Will Still Require CV Outcomes Trials

CVOTs for diabetes drugs are here to stay.

Nike CIO Jim Scholefield Will Run Digital And Tech For Merck

Nike’s Global CIO Jim Scholefield is leaving the company to join Merck as Chief Information and Digital Officer, effective Oct. 29. He has also served as an IT executive at The Coca-Cola Company and at Northern Trust Bank.

Pharma Failures Actually Advance Medicine

The fact is we want big pharma to work on these difficult challenges. No other entity can do this.

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