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‘An Arm And A Leg’: Superheroes Of ‘Stuff’ Help Health Workers In NYC

“An Arm and a Leg” is back — sooner than we expected — with stories about how COVID-19 intersects with the cost of health care, and how we can all respond. So we’re calling it SEASON-19.

Pandemic Delays Federal Probe Into Medicare Advantage Health Plans

Government officials want to focus on fighting COVID-19 instead of recouping overcharges that run into the millions.

Young People Weigh Pain Of Job Loss Against Risks Of Virus

Young adults are being hit hard in the COVID-19 economy, but many have mixed feelings about losing jobs that might otherwise put them in harm’s way in the midst of the pandemic.

‘You’ve Been Served’: Wisconsin Hospitals Sued Patients Even During Pandemic

Wisconsin hospitals had filed at least 104 lawsuits in small claims court since the state declared a public health emergency March 12. Most now say they are suspending the cases; one hospital has dismissed them after a reporter’s calls.

Pandemic-Stricken Cities Have Empty Hospitals, But Reopening Them Is Difficult

In Philadelphia, New Orleans and Los Angeles, former safety-net hospitals sit empty in the middle of the city. But reopening a closed hospital, even in the midst of a pandemic when health resources are scarce, is not easy or cheap.

KHN’s ‘What The Health?’: All Coronavirus All The Time

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing changes to the U.S. health system that were previously unthinkable. Yet some fights ― including over the Affordable Care Act and abortion — persist even in this time of national emergency. Joanne Kenen of Politico, Margot Sanger-Katz of The New York Times and Alice Miranda Ollstein of Politico join KHN’s Julie Rovner to discuss this and more. Also, Rovner interviews KHN’s Liz Szabo about the latest installment of KHN-NPR’s “Bill of the Month.”

Temperature Check: Tips For Tracking A Key Symptom Of Coronavirus Contagion

Taking one’s temperature is not as easy as it sounds. For one reporter, the first challenge was finding a thermometer.

Already Taxed Health Care Workers Not ‘Immune’ From Layoffs And Less Pay

Revenue is way down for primary care, specialty physicians and some hospitals as patients avoid non-urgent visits. Practices small and large are doling out layoffs and furloughs to staff.

Federal Judge Rules Medicare Patients Can Challenge ‘Observation Care’ Status

Hundreds of thousands of people will be able to appeal hospitals’ decisions to classify them as “observation care” patients instead of inpatients, under a ruling last week in a class action suit.

Seattle Nurses Scrounge For Masks To Stay Safe On Pandemic’s Front Lines

As illness from the new coronavirus stresses the health care system, nurses said they are being forced to make do with less and learning to be good stewards of available equipment and protective gear.

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