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Bringing ‘Poogie’ Home: Hospice In The Time Of COVID-19

One family took up the challenge of taking their mother, who had serious medical problems and the coronavirus, from the hospital to die at home. But because of the risk of infection, home hospice can be a daunting experience.

COVID-Like Cough Sent Him To ER — Where He Got A $3,278 Bill

A dad in Denver tried to do everything right when COVID symptoms surfaced. Still, he ended up with a huge bill from an insurer that had said it waived cost sharing for coronavirus treatment. What gives?

How Have Health Care Utilization and Spending Changed So Far During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

A new chart collection summarizes what is known so far about how health costs and utilization have changed during the pandemic. This builds on a previous analysis exploring the potential cost of treating coronavirus hospitalizations, and a brief explai…

The Pandemic Is Hurting Pediatric Hospitals, Too

Children’s hospitals were generally in good shape before COVID-19, but now their revenues are plunging as beds they reserved to assist in the pandemic effort remain empty.

As Congress Weighs COVID Liability Protections, States Shield Health Providers

Under pressure from organizations representing doctors, nurses, hospitals and other care providers, a handful of states are offering them protections from civil lawsuits over medical treatment.

Hospital Workers Complain of Minimal Disclosure After COVID Exposures

From cafeteria staff to doctors and nurses, hospital workers around the country report frustrating failures by management to notify them when they have been exposed to co-workers or patients known to be infected with COVID-19.

‘An Arm And A Leg’: Health Care Takes A Financial Hit In The Midst Of Pandemic

In the first quarter of 2020, half the country’s economic devastation happened in the health care sector. Much of the slowdown came after hospitals postponed elective surgeries and as Americans skipped routine doctor’s office visits.

COVID Bailout Cash Goes To Big Players That Have Paid Millions To Settle Allegations Of Wrongdoing

At least half of the top 10 recipients, part of a group that received $20 billion in emergency HHS funding, have paid criminal penalties or settled charges related to improper billing and other practices.

Eerie Emptiness Of ERs Worries Doctors As Heart Attack And Stroke Patients Delay Care

Emergency department volumes are down 40 to 50 percent across the country. Doctors worry a new wave of cardiac patients is headed their way — people who have delayed care and will be sicker and more injured when they finally seek care.

Lost On The Frontline

A nurse who planned to donate blood and plasma once he recovered. A hospital security guard who could be counted on for anything. A travelling nurse who asked his mom to send tamales. These are some of the people just added to “Lost on the Frontline,” a special series from The Guardian and KHN that profiles health care workers who die of COVID-19.

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