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Keeping The COVID Plague At Bay: How California Is Protecting Older Veterans

Even as COVID-19 has ravaged nursing homes around the country, California has managed to keep the virus at bay at its eight state-run homes for frail and older veterans. What exactly went right?

COVID-19 Brings Overhaul Of Military Health Care To A Halt

The military is called to action to battle the pandemic, even as the numbers of people infected among its ranks and veterans climb amid a shortage of doctors and nurses.

As VA Tests Keto Diet To Help Diabetic Patients, Skeptics Raise Red Flags

The Department of Veterans Affairs is partnering with Virta Health, a California startup that offers remote coaching and monitoring for people with Type 2 diabetes to help them follow the ultra-low carbohydrate diet.

California Attempts To Revive Compassionate Cannabis Programs

After the state legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, new taxes and regulations decimated an ad hoc network that had donated cannabis for medical purposes to patients who could not afford it. A recent law seeks to revive the network, but hurdles remain.

A Veteran Started Vaping THC To Cope With Chronic Pain. Then He Got Very Sick.

A Navy veteran from Cleveland tried vaping marijuana to deal with his chronic pain. He landed in the hospital, becoming one of over 2,400 Americans who have suffered serious lung injury from vaping.

FDA Overlooked Red Flags In Drugmaker’s Testing of New Depression Medicine

In March, a chemical cousin of the anesthetic and club drug ketamine was approved for the treatment of patients with intractable depression. But critics say studies presented to the FDA provided at best modest evidence it worked and did not include information about the safety of the drug, Spravato, for long-term use.

Mini-Biographies Help Clinicians Connect With Patients

Some Veterans Affairs hospitals around the country use writers to record patients’ life stories, then place a short biography in each vet’s medical record. The My Life, My Story program gives clinicians another way to get to know their patients.

For Civilians, Finding A Therapist Skilled In PTSD Treatments Is A Tough Task

Many therapists are not familiar with two key treatment options for trauma recommended by the American Psychiatric Association and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Military Doctors In Crosshairs Of A Budget Battle

Details of the reductions have not yet been announced, but in 2017 Congress ordered mandated changes to make the military health system more efficient.

How The Government Shutdown Affects Health Programs

Medicare and Medicaid are fine, but the food safety component of the Food and Drug Administration and bio-threat surveillance done by the Department of Homeland Security are among the public health functions feeling the pinch.

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