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A Final Comfort: ‘Palliative Transport’ Brings Dying Children Home

In a rare but growing practice, some hospitals offer parents the choice to transport their dying children out of the intensive care unit, with life support in tow, so that they can die at home.

Lawsuit Details How The Sackler Family Allegedly Built An OxyContin Fortune

WBUR and other media organizations sued Purdue Pharma to force the release of previously redacted information in a case brought by the Massachusetts attorney general.

Massachusetts Stroke Patient Receives ‘Outrageous’ $474,725 Medical Flight Bill

After a 34-year-old woman suffered a stroke in Kansas, doctors there arranged for her to be transferred to a Boston hospital, via an Angel MedFlight Learjet. The woman and her father believed the cost of the medical flight would be covered by her private insurance. Then they got the bill.

As States Try To Rein In Drug Spending, Feds Slap Down One Bold Medicaid Move

Medicaid drug spending doubled in five years in Massachusetts. The state wanted to exclude expensive drugs that weren’t proven to work better than existing alternatives from its Medicaid plan, but the federal government blocked the effort.

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