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Among Those Disrupted By COVID-19: The Nation’s Newest Doctors

For new medical residents, this has been a year like no other. In part that’s because getting from here to there — from medical school to residency training sites — has been complicated by the coronavirus.

Ghost Bill: UVA Siphons Couple’s Tax Refund To Pay 20-Year-Old Medical Debt

Jane Collins and Anthony Blow were stunned to learn last fall that their state tax refund was being reduced by $110 because the Charlottesville medical center said they owed money for care their son received in 2001 and 2002.

As Problems Grow With Abbott’s Fast COVID Test, FDA Standards Are Under Fire

After the FDA issues a public warning about the test, one of its senior officials says point-of-care coronavirus tests can miss 20% of cases and still be considered useful. Public health experts are split.

Trump’s Take On COVID Testing Misses Public Health Realities

Experts used terms like “misleading” and “counterproductive” to describe the president’s words.

California Taps Libraries and Tax Offices To Recruit 20,000 New Disease Detectives

As California begins one of the largest contact-tracing training programs in the country, many of the new recruits will be librarians: who are known to be curious, tech-savvy and really good at getting people they barely know to open up.

Citing COVID, Sutter Pushes To Revisit Landmark Antitrust Settlement

Six months after agreeing to a $575 million settlement in a closely watched antitrust case filed by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Sutter Health has yet to pay a single dollar, and no operational changes have gone into effect. The nonprofit health care giant was accused of using its market dominance in Northern California to […]

Health Experts Link Rise In Arizona COVID Cases To End Of Stay-At-Home Order

Arizona is a coronavirus hot spot, with the average of daily cases more than doubling from two weeks ago.

At A Time Of Great Need, Public Health Lacks ‘Lobbying Muscle’

Public health officials are asking for more money in California’s state budget. But unlike some rich and powerful health care interests, they don’t have an army of lobbyists to curry favor with lawmakers.

Federal Help Falters As Nursing Homes Run Short Of Protective Equipment

More than 3,000 nursing homes reported less than a week’s worth of supplies, and 653 said they had run out entirely at some point. Stopgap FEMA equipment has not reached many facilities, and packages that have arrived have fallen short of promises.

Fighting COVID And Police Brutality, Medical Teams Take To Streets To Treat Protesters

Off-duty medical professionals joined protests in Denver and elsewhere sparked by George Floyd’s death to treat injured protesters, risking injury themselves.

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