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Pandemic Delays Federal Probe Into Medicare Advantage Health Plans

Government officials want to focus on fighting COVID-19 instead of recouping overcharges that run into the millions.

Analysis Estimates Up To 2 Million Uninsured People Could Require COVID-19 Hospitalization

A new KFF analysis estimates that between 670,000 and 2 million uninsured people around the country eventually could be hospitalized with COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Reimbursing hospitals for those treatments coul…

Estimated Cost of Treating the Uninsured Hospitalized with COVID-19

This brief estimates the total amount that will be spent to reimburse hospitals for care for the uninsured with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Federal Judge Rules Medicare Patients Can Challenge ‘Observation Care’ Status

Hundreds of thousands of people will be able to appeal hospitals’ decisions to classify them as “observation care” patients instead of inpatients, under a ruling last week in a class action suit.

Telemedicine Surges, Fueled By Coronavirus Fears And Shift In Payment Rules

Millions of Americans are suddenly seeking care by connecting with a doctor electronically. Helping drive that trend, medical providers can now charge as much as they would for an office visit.

How Much Could Medicare Beneficiaries Pay For a Hospital Stay Related to COVID-19?

As the coronavirus continues to spread, the number of people on Medicare admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 related illness is expected to rise. We analyze how much Medicare beneficiaries could pay out-of-pocket for an inpatient hospital admission u…

Would Medicare for all help us combat COVID-19?

In 2009, when more than $35 billion was invested in expanding national electronic health record (EHR) uptake, one of many advantages touted was its value as a tool for managing population health. This promise has failed to materialize due to a chaotic …

FAQs on Medicare Coverage and Costs Related to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

These FAQs provide the latest guidance on testing and treatment related to COVID-19 for Medicare beneficiaries.

And Then There Were Two: Biden, Sanders Debate With Coronavirus On Everyone’s Mind

The candidates talked about their views on how this public health crisis should be managed. Though they disagreed on many points, they shared disapproval of the Trump administration’s response.

Dental Shock: Six Pulled Teeth And One Unexpected Bill

One woman’s experience with the high cost of dental care and confusing Medicare coverage offers a teachable moment for other consumers. Her small church took up a collection, but the surprise bill — four times what she expected to pay — was sent to collections.

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