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New State Fact Sheets Highlight Key Data About Mental Health and Substance Use Needs and Capacity

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn are taking a toll on mental health for many Americans, with large shares of the public saying that related worry and stress is having a negative effect on their mental health. A new KFF analysis and…

Colorado, Like Other States, Trims Health Programs Amid Health Crisis

Across the country, the recession has cut state revenues at the same time the COVID-19 pandemic has increased costs, forcing state lawmakers into painful decisions about how to balance their budgets. Health care is one of the targets even in the midst of a health care crisis.

What’s the Latest on Prescription Drug Proposals from the Trump Administration, Congress, and the Biden Campaign?

This slideshow explains the similarities and differences among major proposals to lower prescription drug costs introduced by the Trump Administration, members of Congress, and the Biden campaign.

COVID Pandemic Jeopardizes Vote On Oklahoma Medicaid Expansion

On June 30, Oklahomans can vote on expanding the Medicaid program there. But supporters worry that fear of the coronavirus could diminish turnout or voters could be confused by Gov. Kevin Stitt’s recent change of heart: He now supports Medicaid expansion but not the ballot initiative.

Easy To Say ‘Get Tested.’ Harder To Do. Here’s How.

If you’ve been in a crowd — a protest or rally — experts have advice for figuring out whether you might have been exposed to the coronavirus, and where and when to get tested for it.

If You’ve Lost Your Health Plan In The COVID Crisis, You’ve Got Options

But some of those options, like special enrollment periods, are time-sensitive.

Social Media Fears About Lack Of Coverage For Protest Injuries May Be Overblown

After some protests over the death of George Floyd resulted in violence, online discussions raised concerns that health plans might deny medical coverage. Although plans do sometimes make exclusions for “illegal acts” or riots, experts say concerns by people who are protesting Floyd’s death may be overstated.

‘Why Do We Always Get Hit First?’ Proposed Budget Cuts Target Vulnerable Californians

Safety-net health care programs that keep low-income Californians out of nursing homes are on the chopping block as Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers attempt to plug a massive budget deficit caused by the COVID-19 emergency.

Medicaid Providers At The End Of The Line For Federal COVID Funding

Congress authorized $100 billion for health care providers to help reimburse them for losses linked to the coronavirus pandemic. But the majority of that funding so far has gone to hospitals, doctors and other facilities that serve Medicare patients. Providers primarily serving low-income Medicaid populations and children have been largely left out.

KHN’s ‘What The Health?’: What’s In The Next Round Of COVID-19 Relief?

House Democrats unveiled legislation that would effectively double what the federal government has spent on relief for the COVID-19 pandemic, but Republicans say they want to wait before even talking about another bill. Meanwhile, a key Republican senator called the GOP court case challenging the Affordable Care Act “flimsy.” Rebecca Adams of CQ Roll Call and Joanne Kenen of Politico join KHN’s Julie Rovner to discuss this and more.

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