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COVID-19 vaccine & booster effectiveness against omicron: 12 CDC findings

Two separate studies published by the CDC Jan. 21 explored vaccine and booster dose effectiveness against the periods in which delta and omicron were emerging and predominant.

US COVID-19 cases down 5% this week: 11 CDC findings

The U.S. saw a marginal decrease in new COVID-19 cases and deaths this week, while hospitalizations figures ticked up slightly, according to the CDC’s COVID data tracker weekly review published Jan. 21. 

People of color less likely to receive monoclonal antibodies, CDC finds

Monoclonal antibody treatments were used less among Black, Asian, Hispanic and other race COVID-19 patients when compared to white and non-Hispanic COVID-19 patients, according to a data analysis published Jan. 21 by the CDC.

11 states report breakthrough COVID-19 hospitalizations: What the data shows

Eleven states publicly report data on current or cumulative COVID-19 hospitalized based on vaccination status.  

Flu activity drops; more pediatric deaths reported — 7 CDC notes

Seasonal flu activity in the U.S. declined slightly again this week but remains elevated and is expected to continue for several weeks, according to the CDC’s FluView report published Jan. 21.

Boosters kept older Americans out of the hospital in December: 3 CDC stats

Unvaccinated Americans 50 years and up are significantly more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 than Americans of the same age group who are fully vaccinated and boosted, according to CDC data published Jan. 20.

How vaccination, natural immunity stacked up against delta: 3 CDC findings

Both vaccination and a previous infection offered strong protection against COVID-19 during the delta wave last year, according to a CDC study published Jan. 19. 

US nearing omicron peak, Mayo Clinic model shows

COVID-19 modeling from Mayo Clinic suggests the omicron surge will peak nationally by the end of the month, in line with projections shared earlier this month.  

Fast-Tracked Ruling on Abortion Won’t Wait for ‘Hearts and Minds’ to Change

Public opinion remains bitterly divided on the issue as a Supreme Court decision is imminent that could overturn or dramatically undercut Roe v. Wade.

Patient, Beware: Some States Still Pushing Ineffective Covid Antibody Treatments

The top 12 states using antibody therapies produced by Regeneron and Lilly — which research shows don’t work against the omicron variant — include several Southern states with some of the nation’s lowest vaccination rates, but also California, which ranks among the top 20 for fully vaccinated residents.

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