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For Seniors, COVID-19 Sets Off A Pandemic Of Despair

The guidance to stay sheltered as society slowly reopens wears on older Americans, who have a growing sense of isolation and depression.

Bringing ‘Poogie’ Home: Hospice In The Time Of COVID-19

One family took up the challenge of taking their mother, who had serious medical problems and the coronavirus, from the hospital to die at home. But because of the risk of infection, home hospice can be a daunting experience.

‘We Miss Them All So Much’: Grandparents Ache As The COVID Exile Grinds On

The pandemic has forced millions of families to weigh the risks of vulnerable grandparents getting too close to their beloved grandchildren — against the heartache of staying away.

Beyond The Glam: Feeding The Coachella Valley’s Most Vulnerable Residents

Poverty is real in the Coachella Valley, a region known for its glitzy resorts and music festival. During the COVID crisis, the California National Guard and California Conservation Corps are helping an area food bank distribute food to older residents and those with disabilities.

As Deaths Mount, Coronavirus Testing Remains Wildly Inconsistent In Long-Term Care

Testing for COVID-19 varies widely across nursing homes and assisted living facilities, even within the same states and communities — increasing the risks for some of America’s most vulnerable seniors.

‘No Intubation’: Seniors Fearful Of COVID-19 Are Changing Their Living Wills

Still, medical experts say, it’s not a black-and-white decision of either go on a ventilator or die.

Keeping The COVID Plague At Bay: How California Is Protecting Older Veterans

Even as COVID-19 has ravaged nursing homes around the country, California has managed to keep the virus at bay at its eight state-run homes for frail and older veterans. What exactly went right?

Palliative Care Helped Family Face ‘The Awful, Awful Truth’

Elizabeth and Robert Mar would have celebrated 50 years of marriage in August. Instead, they died within a day of each other. Their two very different deaths illustrate how palliative care is changing to help patients and families cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-Plagued California Nursing Homes Often Had Problems In Past

Nursing homes with COVID-19 infections tend to violate health rules more often and have more complaints and fines, records show. But infections also plague highly rated facilities — while sparing some low-ranked ones.

Seniors With COVID-19 Show Unusual Symptoms, Doctors Say

Older bodies respond to infection in different ways. Seniors may sleep more or stop eating. They may be confused or dizzy. They might simply collapse.

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