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Trump Administration Rule Would Undo Health Care Protections For LGBTQ Patients

Supporters of the rule say it would strengthen health care professionals’ freedom of conscience, but opponents say it “empowers bad actors to be bad actors.”

Wis. Board Will Again Cover State Workers Seeking Transgender Treatment

The Group Insurance Board reversed a decision made last year to bar coverage of transgender hormone therapy and surgery for public workers.

A Transgender Woman’s Quest For Surgery Caught In Political Crosswinds

Dramatic policy swings, from an unprecedented expansion of transgender rights under the Obama administration to the unpredictable reduction of trans rights under President Donald Trump, have left many trans Americans feeling the whiplash.

A Transgender Woman’s ‘Bait-And-Switch’ $92,000 Surgery Bill

After being promised a significant discount for paying cash upfront and forgoing insurance, a Wisconsin patient gets caught in the middle between hospital and insurer — and feels snookered by a last-minute surprise and billing snafu.

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