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Kathy Brandt, A Hospice Expert Who Invited The World Into Her Own Last Days With Cancer, Dies

Kathy Brandt and her wife, Kim Acquaviva, national experts in hospice and palliative care, shared intimate details of Brandt’s experience with terminal cancer before her death Sunday.

In Secret, Seniors Discuss ‘Rational Suicide’

Running counter to the efforts of suicide prevention experts and many religious and social norms, some seniors are quietly exploring the option of turning to suicide when they feel they’ve lived long enough.

Never Say ‘Die’: Why So Many Doctors Won’t Break Bad News

It’s never easy to tell a patient about a terminal illness, but a longtime doctor whose own diagnosis was botched says physicians must do better.

A Final Comfort: ‘Palliative Transport’ Brings Dying Children Home

In a rare but growing practice, some hospitals offer parents the choice to transport their dying children out of the intensive care unit, with life support in tow, so that they can die at home.

Facebook Live: Inclusive Care at the End of Life: The LGBTQ+ Experience

For a generation of LGBTQ+ people who lived through unprecedented social change, getting older poses new challenges. When it comes to seeking elder care, concerns about lack of services, discrimination, neglect and even abuse threaten to reverse recent progress.

‘Living Their Values’: Palliative Care Power Couple Faces Cancer At Home

Kathy Brandt and Kim Acquaviva are both leaders in the world of hospice and palliative care. When Brandt learned she was dying of ovarian cancer, the couple decided it could be a teachable moment.

Listening To Older Patients Who Want To Stop Dialysis

Older adults with advanced kidney disease sometimes want to stop dialysis but often meet resistance from doctors, new research shows. We explore options available to these patients, including conservative care.

Assisted Living’s Breakneck Growth Leaves Patient Safety Behind

An analysis of inspection records in California, Florida and Texas shows significant numbers of violations related to assisted living residents with dementia.

Congress Targets Misuse Of Hospice Drugs

In the bipartisan opioid bill headed to the president’s desk, hospice workers would be allowed to destroy patients’ unneeded opioids, reducing the risk that families misuse them.

Is ‘Precision Medicine’ The Answer To Cancer? Not Precisely.

Doctors and hospitals love to talk about the patients they’ve saved with precision medicine, and reporters love to write about them. But the people who die still vastly outnumber the rare successes.

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