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En Route To Congress, California Democrats Hit Wall On ‘Medicare-For-All’

California’s incoming congressional delegation will be the largest in the U.S. House of Representatives to support progressive health care policies such as “Medicare-for-all.” But the political reality of a Republican Senate and president means that they will need to pursue ideas that “aren’t pie in the sky.”

Must-Reads Of The Week From Brianna Labuskes

Newsletter editor Brianna Labuskes wades through hundreds of health articles from the week so you don’t have to.

Podcast: KHN’s ‘What The Health?’ Doctors, Guns And Lame Ducks

In this episode of KHN’s “What the Health?” Julie Rovner of Kaiser Health News, Rebecca Adams of CQ Roll Call, Kimberly Leonard of the Washington Examiner and Alice Ollstein of Politico discuss how the Democrats’ takeover of the House and other results from the Nov. 6 elections might affect health care, and what Congress may have in store for the lame-duck session.

Montana’s Legislature Could Decide Medicaid Expansion’s Fate

A ballot initiative to fund Medicaid expansion with a tobacco tax failed in Montana on Tuesday. The expansion will expire in the state in June 2019, unless the legislature finds another way to fund it.

Midterm Election Boosts Medicaid Expansion, But Challenges Remain

Following the vote, nearly 500,000 uninsured adults in five states are poised to gain Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, say advocates. But many conservatives remain opposed to the expansion.

House Dems In New Seats Of Power Will Steer Health Policy, Attack Drug Prices

Democrats, who have a history of championing the Affordable Care Act and railing about drug prices, will now chair several house committees.

Midterm Results Show Health Is Important To Voters But No Magic Bullet

Even though they are taking control of the House, Democrats will be unlikely to advance many initiatives on health that don’t meet Republican approval since the GOP controls the Senate and the White House. But they can block any efforts to weaken the Affordable Care Act or change Medicaid or Medicare.

California Dreamin’? With Newsom’s Win, Single-Payer Unlikely To Follow Anytime Soon

Even though Democrat Gavin Newsom campaigned for single-payer, it’s unlikely that he and other lawmakers will completely overhaul the state’s health care system right away. Instead, they will likely propose incremental steps to provide more Californians with health insurance.

Soda Industry Steals Page From Tobacco To Combat Taxes On Sugary Drinks

Voters in Oregon and Washington will decide whether to strip cities of the ability to tax sugary drinks.

Tobacco Tax Battle Could Torch Montana Medicaid Expansion

A ballot initiative in Montana would tax cigarettes $2 a pack to help pay for the state’s Medicaid expansion. But the tobacco industry has spent more than $17 million fighting the effort.

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