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Fox News’ Jesse Watters Said Travel Bans ‘More Critical In Saving Lives’ Than COVID Testing. He’s Wrong.

Travel restrictions came after the coronavirus had reached the U.S.

Trump’s Boast About U.S., South Korea Coronavirus Testing Misses The Mark

The president’s statement frames the data in a way that doesn’t accurately represent the status of the American response to COVID-19.

Was The Novel Coronavirus Really Sneaky In Its Spread To The U.S.? Experts Say No.

Public health professionals dismissed the president’s claims that the spread of the coronavirus, in particular, and the threat of a pandemic, in general, snuck up on us as being “simply astonishing” and “simply untrue.”

Biden Falsely Blames Trump Administration For Rejecting WHO Coronavirus Test Kits (That Were Never Offered)

Biden’s statement leaves out context about how countries decided on which test they’d use to identify the presence of the coronavirus.

Trump Wrongly Said Health Insurers Will Pay For All Coronavirus Treatment

There are important distinctions between how insurance companies will cover the test and the treatment. This makes the president’s statement an exaggeration, at best.

Donald Trump’s Wrong Claim That ‘Anybody’ Can Get Tested For Coronavirus

The process is not as simple as calling your doctor or pharmacy, saying you want to be tested for COVID-19 and getting it done. Clinicians decide whether patients meet the criteria to warrant it. Circumstances are further complicated because tests are in short supply.

Pence Leaves Out Key Details About Health Coverage Of Coronavirus Testing

The vice president’s remarks are more proof that health care is complicated.

Readers And Tweeters Dive Into Debate Over ‘Medicare For All’

Kaiser Health News gives readers a chance to comment on a recent batch of stories.

Bernie Sanders Embraces A New Study That Lowers ‘Medicare For All’s’ Price Tag, But Skepticism Abounds

The research exaggerates potential savings, cherry-picks evidence and downplays some of the potential tradeoffs.

Trump’s Medicaid Chief Labels Medicaid ‘Mediocre.’ Is It?

This claim ‘wouldn’t pass muster’ in a first-year statistics class.

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